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  1. 1. Quit SmokingWith Gamification
  2. 2. Tobacco use is the leadingpreventable cause of death+ 480,000 deaths peryear in the UnitedStates1 in 5 deaths annually
  3. 3. 2011: % Of Smokers WhoWanted To Quit68.90%
  4. 4. Create a free web site & community for people who are tryingto quit that provide a platform of engagement.
  5. 5. Help users set goals, track progress, view results, and recognizethere achievements.Most DaysW/OSmoking3Days SinceLast Smoke1Supporters15My Goal Achieved Notes From Supporters1 Day a2 Days a3 Days a Great Job4 Days x Dont Give Up. You can do it.1 Day a2 Days aGoalsAchieved5LevelFuture NonSmoker
  6. 6. Help users connect to each otherto provide support and guidance.From a network of people goingthrough and who have successfullyquit smoking.
  7. 7. Recognize people for helping others quit by allowing users togive others points for their assistance and supportName Assistance Points RankAlan Rocky 10 10Lesley Pacey 12 11Cody Ormond 13 12Ansel Slade 17 13Micky Kaleb 20 14THANK YOUFor YourSUPPORT!
  8. 8. Connect it to social media so userscan share their achievements, getrecognition and positivereinforcement from loved ones.
  9. 9. Partner with Sponsors to provide rewards for usersas they achieve goals.Some Gym recognizes your achievement of 1 weekwithout smoking and offers you a1 day free pass to their local gymLogo Here
  10. 10. Gamification Level 2 Certification Final ProjectASH: Action on Smoking & HealthJonathan JohnsonContinuous ImprovementImages Used In This DeckSlide 1 - SmokeSlide 2 Frown CigarettesSlide 3 No SmokingSlide 4 -WebSlide 6 Puzzle PeopleSlide 8 CongratulationsSlide 8 Social Media Icons