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Accessibility Prioritization. What Should I Fix First? . Introduction. Glenda Sims a11y expert @ goodwitch. A11Y Prioritization: What Do I Fix 1 st ?. Define the “Finish Line” Strategic Accessibility Prioritization Tactical Accessibility Prioritization. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Accessibility Prioritization

Accessibility PrioritizationWhat Should I Fix First?

Accessibility Prioritization: What Should I Fix First?

Knowing you have accessibility problems is a great first step, but when you are looking at a mountain of accessibility issues, what in the world should you fix first?

Glenda Sims will share tried and true strategies for establishing an accessibility prioritization process for your entire web presence as well at the project level

1IntroductionGlenda Simswww.deque.coma11y expert@goodwitch

2A11Y Prioritization: What Do I Fix 1st?Define the Finish LineStrategic Accessibility PrioritizationTactical Accessibility Prioritization


Define the Finish Line4 #4

What is Your Standard?Best PracticeWCAG 2.0 AAWCAG 2.0 A5085Fifty Shades of Accessibility

6Importance of documenting your testing methodology. Repeatable, repeatable, repeatable.Ask yourself this question, could 10 accessibility experts test the same page and come up with the same list of WCAG 2.0 violations?6WCAG 2.0 Violation?Normative: Success CriteriaInformative: Techniques


7WCAG 2.0 Violation?Normative - required for conformance

Content identified as "informative" or "non-normative" is never required for conformance. 8WCAGW3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 9BCAGBobs Content Accessibility GuidelinesSCAGSusies Content Accessibility GuidelinesStrategic A11y Prioritization

12 #Strategic A11Y Prioritization MatrixUser ImpactLitigation Risk

13Break your web presence down into major web sites and major web applications. Then consider the litigation risks and user impacts for each site and application and place them on the prioritization grid.


User Impact of InaccessibilityWhat if _______ was unavailable?Core - unavailability is unacceptable

Important - unavailability is very frustrating

Useful- unavailability is frustrating

Fluff- unavailability is mildly annoying

14Core- information and/or functionality is a core service. Unavailability would be unacceptable for all users, therefore it is unacceptable for this service to be inaccessible to people with disabilities.

Important important information/functionality. Unavailability would be very frustrating. Useful- useful information/functionality. Unavailability would be frustrating.

Frosting- fluff/extra. Unavailability would be mildly annoying.

14Litigation RiskFactorDescriptionWeightLawsDoing business in country with specific laws on web accessibility 60%Critical ServiceIf service was unavailable on web for all users, it would be unacceptable; therefore, unacceptable for service to be inaccessible to people w disabilities30%Audience/ExposureNumber of people who have access to this service 10%


Step 1: Goodwitch Wand ShopStrategic A11y Prioritization MatrixUser ImpactHigh Litigation Risk

Low Litigation RiskOnline Store .com/.caOnline Registry .com / .caFree Digital WallpaperImprove RecsOnline Store .mordor 16).

16Life Cycle & EffortProduct Life Cyclem - Introductions Growth M Maturityt Decline

Effort to Remediate$ = Low cost $$ = Medium cost$$$ = High cost$$$$ = Very high cost

17Product Life Cycle - Consider the stage of the product life cycle for each web site. Ideally, you want to build in accessibility before a product even gets out of Research and Development. It doesnt matter which phase a product is in, Introduction, Growth, Maturity or Decline if people use it, it needs to be made accessible (or retired). It is less resource effective to build in accessibility during the decline phase. Consider retiring systems that are in the decline phase. Introduction PhaseGrowth PhaseMature PhaseDecline Phase

Effort to Remediate: After you have prioritized all of your web sites and web applications on the litigation risk and user impact grid, work with the web development team to determine the level of effort for each remediation project. Assign an effort to remediate cost as follows: $ = Low cost to remediate$$ = Medium cost to remediate$$$ = High cost to remediate$$$$ = Very high cost to remediate


User ImpactHigh Litigation Risk

Low Litigation RiskOnline Store .com/.ca$$ MOnline Registry .com / .ca$ sFree Digital Wallpaper $$$ tImprove Recs$$ m Online Store .mordor$$ tProduct Life Cyclem - Introductions Growth M Maturityt DeclineEffort to Remediate$ = Low cost $$ = Medium cost$$$ = High cost$$$$ = Very high costStep 2: Goodwitch Wand ShopStrategic A11y Prioritization MatrixExample of prioritizing web sites/apps for a fictious company, Goodwitch Wand Shop.

Prioritization Matrix consists of Litigation Risk (low to high) on the X axis and User Impact (mildly annoying to unacceptable) on the Y axis.

Effort to Remediate and Product Life Cycle stage are also indicated for each project.

Highest User Impact & Highest Litigation Risk = Online Store .com/.ca with a medium cost to remediate and mature phase.High User Impact & High Litigation Risk = Online Registry .com/.ca with a low cost to remediate and growth phase.

High User Impact but Low Litigation Risk = Online Store .mordor (because there are no accessibility laws in Mordor). Medium cost to remediate and decline phase.

Medium User Impact and Medium Litigation Risk = Improve Recommendations feature. Medium cost to fix and introduction phase.

Low User Impact and Low Litigation Risk = Free Digital Wallpaper. High cost to fix and in the decline phase.

18Step 3: Goodwitch Magic Shop Strategic A11y Prioritization Plan & Progress 19Phase 1 20130612 (complete)Main SiteContact Us FormReport Accessibility ProblemSearch

Phase 2 20131231Online Store (.com and .ca)Login and Account ProfileShopping CartOnline Registry (.com and .ca)

Phase 3 20140630Online Store.mordor (replace with .com)Improve RecommendationsDigital Wallpaper (retire or remediate)19Accessibility Prioritization Reality Check

Accessibility Prioritization Reality Check

How do you know if you made a good decision when you prioritized your projects for accessibility? Imagine standing in a court of law and explaining your state of accessibility, what youve already fixed, and your plan for fixing the rest. Is the judge convinced you care about accessibility and are doing the best you can? Does he think your plan for fixing the rest is logical and reasonable? How are you handling customers who need access now (to services that are still inaccessible) 20What if YOU did not have access? 21What if you were denied access? What if you family, friends and loved ones were denied access. Would this be acceptable?21Tactical A11y Prioritization

22 #Site-wide Accessibility Tactic 23Priority 1 fix site-wide templatesPriority 2 fix reusable componentsPriority 3 - fix individual page elements

Why is it so important to fix templates and reusable components first? Because it sets a precedence and helps people downstream understand that this is really happening. If you dont fix the templates and reusable components, it will be very demoralizing to a developer downstream who can only fix items in the main div of the page (but accessibility issues in the template prevent the page from being used by a person with a disability). 23

Key Path Accessibility TacticsCritical PagesKey Entry PointsKey User PathsHighest Traffic PagesThe ObviousFeedback formsAccessibility Policy Page 24As your focus moves from site-wide components to user paths, select the most critical user paths and highest traffic pages to work on next. Dont just think of this from your organizations perspective. Think of it from the user perspective first. What key information and functionality must work for your site to even be useful to a human being? And dont forget the every so hand Feedback Forms, Contact Us and Help pages. If you have any pages referencing your accessibility policy, standards or how to report issues, please, please, please make sure those items are fully accessible. 24Do I have to fix every issue?on every page? 25Do I have to fix every issue on every page?

Yesbut dont let that overwhelm youas much as we would like to see all your accessibility problems resolved today, Im pretty sure you dont have the time, money or man power to make that happen before midnight tonightso we are going to have to do this in phases. Think back to our strategic plan and progress report. 25Should I attack this page by page?Or issue category by issue category? 26Do what works best for you. I often start attack problems based on impact (how much does this issue hurt people with disabilities) and volume (this issue type is occurring most frequently on the site). But just because that is they way I like to go about it, doesnt mean you cant come at it from another angle. 26Should I fix every issue on the page Im working on now?I cant make the deadline if I do! 27Should I fix every issue on the page Im working on now?

That would be ideal. If you can