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Prioritization Process II. IDEA Project Transport dialogue and interoperability between the EU and its neighbouring countries and Central Asian countries Project funded by European Union DG DEVCO Silvia Maffii TRT Trasporti e Territorio. Milan, 8-9 June 2011. II Prioritization process. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Prioritization Process IIMilan, 8-9 June 2011

IDEA ProjectTransport dialogue and interoperability between the EU and its neighbouring countries and Central Asian countries

Project funded by European Union DG DEVCO

Silvia MaffiiTRT Trasporti e Territorio1

II Prioritization process2Steps

Milan, 8-9 June 2011Update of the criteria weighting

Project selection and preparation of the presentation

Three regional evaluation conferences:Almaty - Central Asian + MoldovaKiev - South East Europe + Tajikistan and Turkey - guests EIB, WB, EC Delegation Tiblisi Caucasus + Turkey + Ukraine and Uzbekistan guests USAID, EC Delegation 2

Weights for criteria3Comparison with Process I

WEIGHTS 2010 PROCESS IRegional integration criteriaTechnical criteriaEconomic criteriaEnvironmental criteriaPolicy based criteria28.08%18.65%18.85%15.96%18.46%WEIGHTS 2011 PROCESS IIRegional integration criteriaTechnical criteriaEconomic criteriaEnvironmental criteriaPolicy based criteria27.50%18.75%22.92%15.42%15.42%Milan, 8-9 June 20113

II Prioritization process4Approach

Milan, 8-9 June 2011The TRACECA Priority List ensures that

Each country has a project in the priority list

All the modes are represented in proportion

12 projects identified


Presented projectsCentral Asia 16 Projects

5ModeProject nameProject code1RailAlmaty-Aktogay railway electrificationKAZ12RailAktogay-Dostyk railway electrificationKAZ23RailAktogay-Mojinty railway electrificationKAZ34RoadTashkent-Shimkent road reconstructionKAZ45RoadOsh-Batken-Isfana road reabilitationKYR16AirAeronavigationKYR27MultimodalInvolvement of Single Window SystemKYR38AirOsh airport reconstructionKYR49AirIssyk-Kul airport reconstructionKYR510RailKolkhozabad-Dusty-Nizhnij Pyanj railway TAJ111RailVakhdat-Dzirgatal (-Kyrgyzstan) railway TAJ212RoadGuliston-Dusti road rehabilitationTAJ313RoadKhorog-Kulma road rehabilitation TAJ414RailVakhdat-Yavan new railway TAJ515RoadEcological Control SystemUZB116RoadCentralised Information Web for CustomsUZB2Milan, 8-9 June 2011

Presented projectsSouth East Europe 10 Projects

6ModeProject nameProject code1MaritimeVarna FerryboatBUL12IntermodalRuse Terminal ConstructionBUL23RoadUnguri-Brosnitsa border crossingMLD14IntermodalPrut river multimodal linkMLD25RoadSlobozia Bypass on Chisinau-Giurgiulesti roadMLD36AirBalti Airport Construction MLD47RoadMures-Iasi-Ungheni motorway sectionROM18RoadConstanta-Vama Veche Motorway ROM29MaritimeYuzhny Port Infrastructure Development UKR110IntermodalIlyichevsk PortUKR2Milan, 8-9 June 2011

Presented projectsCaucasus + Turkey 13 Projects

7ModeProject nameProject code1IntermodalYerevan Logistic centerARM12RoadRehabilitation of key highway connectionsARM23RailBaku Alyat Beguk Kesir railway rehabilitationAZR14IntermodalWestern NIS and Caucasus International Logistic CenterGEO15IntermodalBlack Sea Optic Fiber CableGEO26RailGeorgian railway level crossing automationGEO37RailPoti Baku container block trainGEO48MaritimeIlyichevsk Samsun shipping lineGEO59MaritimeVarna Ilyichevsk Poti shipping lineGEO610RoadRikoti Zestaponi HighwayGEO711RoadZestaponi-kutasi Samatredia HighwayGEO812RoadGerede Gurbulak road border gate improvementTUR113AirIstanbul Airport Passengers Rights Information CenterTUR2Milan, 8-9 June 2011

Projects per transport modeSummary of projects per transport mode

8RegionAirRailRoadMaritimeIntermodalCentral Asia36601South East Europe10423Caucasus + Turkey13423TOTAL591447Milan, 8-9 June 2011

Selection of the priority projectsProposed list of priority projects

9Milan, 8-9 June 2011ModeProject nameProject codeRoad Tashkent-Shimkent road reconstruction KAZ4 Road Centralised Information Web for Customs UZB2 Road Slobozia Bypass on Chisinau-Giurgiulesti road MLD3 Road Mures-Iasi-Ungheni motorway section ROM1 Air Aeronavigation KYR2 AirIstanbul Airport Passengers Rights Information Center TUR2Rail Vakhdat-Dzirgatal (-Kyrgyzstan) railway TAJ2 RailPoti Baku container block train GEO4RailBaku Alyat Beguk Kesir railway rehabilitationAZR1Maritime Varna Ferryboat BUL1 Intermodal Ilyichevsk Port UKR2 IntermodalYerevan Logistic center ARM1

Priority projects per transport modeRoad Transport Projects

10Milan, 8-9 June 2011

Project codeProject nameInvestment amountDescriptionKAZ4Tashkent-Shimkent road reconstruction71,2 Million EURO

(75 Billion Tenge)Reconstruction of road between Shimkent Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Length - 102 km, 4 lanes. UZB2Centralised Information Web for Customs15 Million EUROIntroduction of modern information technologies and means of control on road checkpoints-Alat, Yallama, Gisht-Kuprik, Dustlik, Dautota and on railway crossing points - HozhidavletMLD3Slobozia Bypass on Chisinau-Giurgiulesti road15,6 Million EUROConstruction of a 20.5 km road bypass of 3 villages (Slobozia Mare, Cislita Prut, Giurgiulesti) along the M3 Corridor Chisinau-Giurgiulesti ensuring a connection with the international Free Port Giurgiulesti and rail terminals.ROM1Mures-Iasi-Ungheni motorway section6,1 Billion EUROThe new motorway Targu Mures Iasi - Ungheni/ border with Republic of Moldova is going to be part of the extended TEN T network and part of TRACECA corridors. Length: approx. 310 km, 4 Lanes.

Priority projects per transport modeAir Transport Projects

11Milan, 8-9 June 2011

Project codeProject nameInvestment amountDescriptionKYR2Aeronavigation15,59 Million EUROEquipping of main airports of Kyrgyz Republic (Manas, Osh, Issyk-kul) by modern radar complexes of air traffic service facilities and by system of meteorological service of flights according to international norms and ICAO standards.TUR2Istanbul Airport Passengers Rights Information Center5 Million EUROImplement at the Atatrk Airport a Centre responsible for the enforcement of European Regulation 261/2004 to assist passengers in the event of denied boarding, cancellation, long delay of flights.

Priority projects per transport modeRail Transport Projects

12Milan, 8-9 June 2011

Project codeProject nameInvestment amountDescriptionTAJ2Vakhdat-Dzirgatal (Kyrgyzstan) railway1,6 Billion EUROConstruction of a new railway link of 296 km in a mountainous area; the project requires several engineering works (about 70 bridges, 12 overpasses, 8 tunnels for a total estimated length of 16 km, etc.). The project encompasses also the construction of 6 rail stations.GEO4Poti Baku container block train8,5 Million EURO*Provision of a Block train service interconnecting Black Sea and Caspian Sea.*The cost estimation is related to:100 fitting platforms;100 LPG Tank containerStaff educationAZR1Baku Alyat Beguk Kesir railway rehabilitation1,03 Billion EURO

(1,5 Billion USD)Capital repairs of 317 km railway in order to increase speed and safety. Upgrading of signalization system, renovation of the rolling stock, renovation of the centralized dispatcher management system based on modern technologies.

Priority projects per transport modeMaritime Transport Projects

13Milan, 8-9 June 2011

Project codeProject nameInvestment amountDescriptionBUL1Varna Ferry Complex0,9 Million EURORepair and rehabilitation of the Ferry Complex in Varna, a port of TRACECA corridor; it is connected with the national railway and with the main road networks and operates the following lines:Varna-IlichevskVarna-Poti/Batumi/Ilichevsk;Varna-port Caucasus.

Priority projects per transport modeIntermodal Projects

14Milan, 8-9 June 2011

Project codeProject nameInvestment amountDescriptionUKR2Ilyichevsk Port6.85 Million EURO

(10 Million USD)Further development of the intermodal centre through the construction of the pier of the 3rd basin of the Sukhoy estuary; modernization of the railway-station Illichivsk Paromnaya.ARM1Yerevan Logistic center24,38 Million EURODevelop a multimodal logistic centre in the area of Zvartnots International airport.The project will require construction of new warehouses, transport infrastructure and other facilities.

Further stepsSubstantiate the selected projects

Actual and forecast traffic flows derived from the modelSolid investment and operating cost estimates, by project componentIdentify and quantify the project benefitsFor revenue generating projects, quantify the revenues Highlight the importance of the project for Traceca, regional valueBackground information on legislation, planning process etc.Make the best use of training Dont forget to put the projects on the website

15Milan, 8-9 June 2011

Further stepsThird Prioritization Process

Move from a country based perspective toward a corridor and regional one, which should reflect the regional priorities in terms of modes and transport strategy

Decide whether to continue to have regional prioritization meeting or have it through the website (and identify a neutral owner of the process) 16Milan, 8-9 June 2011

17Thanks for your attentionMilan, 8-9 June 2011


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