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A Christmas Memory by: Truman Capote Samantha Pope Collins Chancellor Tyrah Jones Candice Wilson Slide 2 Truman Capote He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1924. His parents divorced shortly after his birth and went to live with other relatives in Monroeville, Alabama. Slide 3 Continued. While he was living there, he was very lonely and sad. He wrote stories and plays to escape all of his troubles. When he was older, he went to work at The New Yorker. Right before he died, he was lonely and very sick. Slide 4 Vocabulary 1. inaugurate- to make a formal beginning. Sent. The president was inaugurated last January. 2. conspiracy- the act of secretly planning together. Sent. The students had a conspiracy to do a prank on their teacher. Slide 5 Continued 3. muse- to think or reflect, especially in an idle dreamy manner. Sent. The students muse while their teacher talks. 4. potent- having or exercising force, power, or authority; strong and powerful. Sent. The king was thought to be potent. Slide 6 Theme Friendship Enjoy every minute you have with somebody because you never know when they are not going to be there anymore. Slide 7 Continued Buddy and his friend enjoy the time they have together. On Christmas day, his friend tells him that this will be their last Christmas together. Buddy then gets shipped to military school. While he is there they still write letter back and forth. Then Buddys friend dies. Slide 8 Elements of the story 1.characters- buddy, his friend, Mr. and Mrs. Haha, relatives, Queenie, mill owners wife. 2. setting- old country town 3. Basic situation- Buddy and his friend are getting ready for Christmas by making fruitcakes. 4. Internal conflict- Buddys friend dealing with old age. Slide 9 Continued 5. External conflict- being poor 6. complications- not enough money, and relatives being mean to them. 7. climax- When Buddy is being shipped to military school. 8. resolution- when Buddy is laying in the field imagining two kites drifting away into the heavens. Slide 10 Continued 9. protagonist- Buddy and friend 10. antagonist- relatives and money 11. static character- Buddy 12. dynamic character- Buddys friend Slide 11 Literary element Dialogue- a conversation between tow or more characters. Buddy and his friend use dialogue a lot to express how they feel about what is going on. Slide 12 Dig Deeper. This story shows that spending time with the people you love is very special. It shows how their family does their Christmas traditions and that they enjoy it. It shows that Buddy and his friend really love each other and they are very close to each other.


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