5 Great Eyeglasses Frames for Round Shaped Faces

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  1. 1. 5 Great Eyeglasses Frames for Round Shaped Faces
  2. 2. The purpose of eyeglasses is to restore your vision. Nowadays, though, it also has the secondary function as a fashion accessory. Choosing the right pair of spectacles is especially important if you have a round face. A suitable pair can compensate for the circular feature by adding lines and angles, thereby making the face appear longer and thinner. Angular frames are a good option to consider since it adds sharp and distinct lines to your face. This helps compensate for your face type, which lacks angles that are apparent in other facial types. If angular frames are not your style, then consider rectangular frames. The boxy shape of a rectangular frame helps break up the structure of a rounded face, which often times appear smaller than it really is due to having a roughly equal length and width.
  3. 3. There is also the option of upswept frames. This is the style commonly known as cat eye frames and is notable for its pointy outer edge and upward curvature. People with round faces also tend to have curvy cheeks. Upswept frames draw attention to this area while placing focus on the eyes at the same time. If you feel the look of eyeglasses subtract from your appearance, then give narrow frames a try. These are typically smaller, and its short height makes a rounded face appear longer. These also come with a clear bridge that widens the eyes.
  4. 4. Lastly, you should also consider any frames that come with bright colors on the edge and on the temple area. This places more attention on the frames and makes the roundness of your face become less apparent. An unconventional color like pink, purple, or orange works well. If the frame has a natural glistening shine, then that is another positive highlight to take into account. It goes without saying that round frames should be avoided. Your face is already quite rounded as it is, and a rounded frame will only make it look even more circular. This is especially the case with large-framed, rounded glasses, which has become a trend in the past few years especially with their popularity among female celebrities. Unless you believe your round face is actually a positive highlight, dont go for rounded frames.
  5. 5. When it comes to eyeglasses, those with a round face need to be more selective with what they choose. Its all about creating balance and treating the frames as an accessory that creates contrast where needed. If you would like to learn more about the best types of eyeglass frames for round faces, please visit an optometrist in La Mesa www.chulavistaelcajonoptometry.com