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In-depth look at the 10 steps to setting up your Facebook business page, integrating social media and business applications, and increasing your search engine success.


  • 1. 10 Steps to Facebook Success for Your Business
    Brenda and Shawn Whitfield
    Go Get Creative Design and Marketing
    September 28, 2010
    Navarre Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

2. Introduction
400 million active users worldwide
Daily active usage is 55 minutes per day
1.5 million business pages
Used by both small and large B2B and B2C companies
Enhances existing marketing efforts
Has hundreds of business and industry specific business apps
Integrates all levels of social media
Increases chance of Search Engine hits
3. 10 Steps to Facebook Success
Strategies and goals
Research competing businesses
Research available business applications
Basic page setup
Invite friends and family
Set up personalized username
Integrated and business apps
Getting Liked and joining groups
Promoting your page
Tracking your progress: SEO/Analytics/ROI
4. Strategies and Goals
Social media is the new Word of Mouth
Do you need a Facebook Business page?
Do you already have a FB page and need to learn how to better utilize it?
What do you hope to get out of your page?
How will you find users and promote your page?
What specific goals will you put in place and how will you achieve them?
How will you analyze them?
5. Research Competing Businesses
Know what your competition is doing at all times
Find out how, and if, they are using FB for their business
Look at what businesses like yours are doing across the country and see if that might work for you
Do they offer discounts or coupons to their users?
Find out how they are encouraging an exchange of information, or how they are interacting with their users
Research how they are using FB business apps
6. Research Business Apps
Hundreds of apps available to customize your page and meet your specific business needs
Integrated social media allows you to schedule updates, Tweets, blog posts and more - one time across platforms
Industry specific business apps find the best for your business
Look for apps that will save you time and redundancy
Increase your ROI by doing more in less time
eStores and shopping carts
RSS feeds help add content
7. Basic FB Page Setup
Starting a FB page
New Standards
Profile image and logo
Setting up your profile
Standard tabs
Custom tabs
Facebook Markup Language - FBML
Set multiple admins
8. Settings under Edit Pages
9. Basic Page Layout
10. Facebook Markup Language (FBML) landing page with custom tabs
11. Suggesting Your Page
Why its important
Current friends and family
Getting to 25 Likes
Setting up your personalized username
Whats the difference between a Fan and a Like?
When to suggest to clients, prospects, and target audience
Why you might need personal email addresses to suggest your page
Going through your contact list
Quality vs. quantity
12. Setting Up FB Username
Why its important
Choose a name appropriate for your business
Search function
Can set up and maintain multiple business pages and user names for different businesses
Must be in your FB business page to set the personalized user name
Be careful! It cannot be changed
13. Integrated Apps
Use the research from Step 3 to identify relevant apps
RSS Feeds
Constant Contact
Shopping Carts
Industry specific Real Estate, finance, etc.
14. Getting Liked and Groups
Find other businesses in your work area
Find complimentary businesses
Search groups with similar services and interests
Search groups that would be of interest to your users
Client base and prospective clients
Business friends and chamber members
Give discounts and coupons to users who Like you
Add a FB fan box with updates on your site
Add a Like box on your site or blog
Facebook Places
15. 16. Promote Your Page
Provide interesting and useful content that will engage your users content shouldnt all come from you!
80/20 content rule
Use images, links, videos, news items, blog posts
Questions and polls
Contests and online competitions
Encourage users to upload pics of them using your service
Biz cards, email signatures, print materials, web links
Add testimonials as status updates
17. Tracking Your Progress
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Insight Analytics
Return on Investment (ROI) in terms of time and exposure
Meeting goals and reassessing strategies based on SEO and analytics
18. Thank You!
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