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School: NICOLAE PETRESCU,CRIVATTeacher: CIUREA MARIA-ALEXANDRADate: 20 of March 2015Grade: 7th gradeNo. of students: 21Time of lesson: 50 min.Textbook: SNAPSHOT, Ed. Longman 1999Level: Pre-IntermediateUnit: 16- THEY USED TO HIDE HERELesson: Smuggling in Cornwall

Type of lesson: Vocabulary teachingApproach: CommunicativeSkills: Speaking, ReadingLesson aims: To introduce vocabulary related to crime and punishment through role-playing. To have an oral and written practice in using it appropriately. Objectives: By the end of the lesson students will be able to: -use vocabulary related to the topic; -express a personal opinion; -give solutions to a problematic situation. Materials: textbooks, notebooks, handoutsTypes of Interaction: Teacher-whole class, teacher- student, student-studentClass Management: Whole class, individually, group work

Assumptions: In terms of vocabulary students must be familiar with the language register. They must have some appetite for expressing personal opinions and defending an argument.Anticipated Problems: The use of mother tongue in workgroup, lack of imagination, some difficulties in expressing orally. PROCEDURE


1.Warm-up -to create the proper atmosphere for the lesson;-to get students attention.-The teacher greets the students-The person which is on duty tells whos absent

speaking FrontalT-S2 min

Homework check-to verify the precision of the homework. -The teacher verifies the homework andeach student corrects the mistakes.

speakingwriting FrontalT-S6 min

2.Pre-reading activity-to introduce students into the topic;-to encourage students to make predictions.-to get students involved into thetopic-to raise awareness about contraventions and penalty-The teacher asks some questions related to contraventions and penalties, especially about smuggling;-The teacher announces the title of the lesson and the lessons objectives

speakingFrontalT-SS-T5 min

3.Reading-to give students further opportunity to read in order to compare arguments;-to practice reading skills.

-The teacher reads the text Smuggling in Cornwall out loud;-The students then will read the text, each student reading a short paragraph.

readingFrontalT-S12 min

4.Reading comprehension-to develop vocabulary related to the topic;-to check reading comprehension;

-The teacher reads the statements from exercise number one and the students will choose the correct answer true or false;-Each false statement will be rephrased so that it complies with the text. speakingwritingIndividualT-S5 min


Speaking-to motivate students to use their imagination;-to encourage students to express ideas freely on the topic;-to encourage variety of interaction

-The teacher organizes the students in four groups;-Each group receives a sheet of paper according to their role;-Each group discusses and writes down the solution that they found to stopping smuggling from their point of view;- The representative of each group reads the solutions that they found and compares them to the others.



Group Work


15 min

6.Evaluation of the activity-to check feed-back-The teacher evaluates the activity and to what extent what was proposed at the beginning of the lesson was attained.

speakingFrontalT-S3 min

7.Assignment -to further practice vocabulary related to the topic.

-the teacher asks the students to write a short composition in which to present their solution to stop crime. -students have to present four laws that could help and the way in which they can be applied. speakingwritingFrontalT-S2 min