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Case Study: Sephora / Digital Marketing Campaign


PowerPoint Presentation

It is no longer about how to pull consumers out of couches, drive them to store and capitalize the visit.

It is ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. As long as consumers are connected. Inform and educate consumers Influence, Engage and Interact to be part of decision making Trigger purchase intention on all different platform to capitalize it Enable sharing and discussions to win more customers

Segment your targets and understand their needs

Define consumer journey & moment of truth

Create key message and keep it consistent

Develop right media channel communication to approach and engage consumers

Drive consumers to brick and mortar store and generate sales

Segment your target and understand their needs

RE-Define consumer journey & zero moment of truth

Create key message and keep it consistent

Develop right media channel communication to approach, engage and enable consumers to share and promote your products

Streamline shopping experience online and offline to empower consumers purchase at ANYTIME, from ANYWHERE.


has built a reputation as a big player in brand/ecom website

Online Community, E-Commerce and gift cards, Member Club Beauty Insider

are all fully mobilized on smartphones and tablets

Has successfully integrated digital and mobile interface

Mobile and retail stores are merging, Sephora have recognised their customer base is mobile 24/7

and by connecting the store with the device are able to combat showrooming, provide an enhanced shopping experience and drive loyalty.

is making mobile the ultimate personal shopper.

Selecting foundation can be daunting.

Makeup shoppers always have difficulties/needs to march their skin color to the right brand, right formula, right shade of foundation. It is opportunity to provide unparalleled beauty expertise and be part of

consumers decision making with value added advice.

Sephora partner with color specialist Pantone to come up with concept of Color IQ, use high tech gadget to identify skin tone and provide choices based product across 10,000 options in database.

Center the whole campaign at this concept to start the conversation till sales generated.



Owned media: How-to video uploaded @Sephora TV, launch @Beauty Studio; SMS/emails to beauty insiders Earned media: Released How-to video on YouTube Viral video and spread the message through twitter, facebook and Pinterest


Paid/Earned Media: Initiate the sharing of online reviews, endorsement and video of Color IQ from fashion magazine editors, Beauty blogger and other early adaptors. Owned Media: Repost latest endorsement @Sephora Glossy and answer the questions @BEAUTY TALK Show what Sephora Staffs pick and buzz about on pinterest @Todays Obsession

Color IQ Experience @Store 1. Handheld scanner device take 3 photos of

skin, on neck, lower cheek and forehead, and translated into official pantone color.

2. Wireless connects to an IPAD, to select 3-4 options from 1,000 foundations from various brands in Sephora's database.

3. Now it is consumers choice to buy it now or later.

Color IQ Experience @ipad, iphone & sephora site 1. Just select one foundation shade you love, and the

site will calculate your skin tone number and share comparable products in that shade from other brands.

2. Matches provided right away with full content of product description, usage, ingredient, and reviews from others, includes the link to place order for each one

@ All the social network platforms The links to products shopping page are provided with selected product recommendation together at the end of Color IQ conversations

Besides that My Beauty Bag enable consumers to collect favorite products and organize them in one place; Create wish list for future buy Keep track of online and in-store purchases Easily view and track points and rewards. My passbook can push message or coupon based on your location Product Scan Instore enable navigate self-service


#1 The customer is digital. Sephora have built digital audience profiles of their customers. Knowing what they are doing from when they wake up in the morning to when they go to bed at night, what devices are being used and when and how the customer is jumping from one device to another. This means they are able to provide utility or a message at the right time on the right platform.

#2 Data is everything.

Collecting data is just one step, using it to provide a service is something else entirely. Sephora use tablets in-store to aid customer service. Colour IQ is a programme where you can have your makeup colour matched and then an iPad is used to filter and pick the products that are best for you. This is data in real-time and not only does it improve the customer experience, it leads directly to sale.

#3 The power of content. Content is one of the most powerful tools. Anyone can generate content, the best practice in content is knowing what content your customers actually want. Sephora believe that content should be inspiring and educational. They have listened when their customers have asked for How-to videos, step by steps on Pinterest boards and trend forecasts. Great content that is easily consumable on mobile.

Technology does not make a successful campaign,

But marketing expertise and digital mindset do.

Technology does not make a successful campaign,

But marketing expertise and digital mindset do. Offer what tugs consumers heartstrings Crave / Visualize content to tell a good story Enhance the brand connections Cultivate the consumer relationships Tailor the shopping experience Be always on in REAL TIME and Location Based Service