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  • synthesizing

    2013 PAVE Store Design Competit ionSponsored By SEPHORA

  • The advanced Sephora design is based on the notion of synthesis. Merging the original Sephora concept of see, try, buy with shoppers behavioral preferences provides a grid foundation for the space plan. In this grid system each client has direct access to the products in an individual, group, or one on one approach. Asynthesizer machine combines sounds into frequencies, creating harsh angles, which is the inspiration for architectural elements within the design. The harsh angles give the classic Sephora design an edgy presence that promotes an energetic atmosphere within the space. The updated material selections are used to create a streamline appearance that highlights the products. Through efficient wayfinding, progressive technology, dynamic architectural features, and renovated fixture design, the Sephora brand will engage, educate, and enhance the client experience for women of any age. The remodeled fixture family originated from the simple and mobile intentions for the space. Each fixture is suspended by a cable system to eliminate the cumbersome presentation of products. The cables are secured to a track system above the ceiling and below the floor which mobilizes the fixtures as well as creates traffic patterns for effortless wayfinding. By focusing on client desires at the forefront of the design and staying loyal to Sephoras successful foundation, the synthesis provides a fresh appearance, atmosphere, and adventure into the realm of color.


    Project goalsENGAGE: Immerse clients in the Sephora brand1MOBILIZE: Design a space that is flexible and can be reconfigured2

    3 SIMPLIFY: Provide a streamline appearance that focuses on the products4 EDUCATE: Inform clients about the products they purchase5 CUSTOMIZE: Implement spaces for various shopper preferences6 NAVIGATE: Deliver effortless wayfinding for customers

    Adjacency Diagram

    Grid SynthesisProcess

  • The try zone includes the Beauty Studio where clients can finalize their new look or test products at each gondola fixture.

    The buy zone consists of the checkout counter, live streaming social media screen, and featured Sephora products. The fragrance, hair, and skin care products are located in this zone.

    The see zone displays areas to better evoke trends, engage clients in makeup exploration, and educate customers based on shopper preferences. Each fixture displays Sephora Favorites or Hot Now products.

    Synthesized Space

    Birds Eye PlanNot To Scale












    Fixture Reconfigurations

    fixture family

    Traffic Patterns

    Fixture LayoutScale: 1/16 = 10


    linear fixture

    demonstration area

    3d printer

    gondola fixture

    self-help kiosk

    cash wrap

    beauty studio

    The remodeled fixture family includes the Demonstration Area, 3D Printer Desk, Self-Help Kiosks, Gondola and Linear fixtures, the Beauty Studio, and the Cash Wrap. These areas allow customers to engage in the color experience in a group setting, one on one with a beauty stylist, or individually. A simplistic design is accomplished by suspending all fixtures on a cable system, which eliminates a cumbersome view as shoppers enter the space. The method of chevroning is utilized so customers can see more products as they walk through the aisles. The gondola fixtures are suspended and the cables secure into a track system that glides across the space by way of a rotating disk under the floor and above the ceiling. The gondola fixtures emphasize mobility while the alternative fixture areas are stationary to preserve the original grid system.

  • Task

    Layered Lighting

    Lighting Legend

    AMBIENT General

    Fragrance, Hair, Skin Care

    Beauty, Nails

    Common 1599





    Square Foot Analysis

    The lighting design throughout the store is based on layering in order to showcase the products in an effective manner. Natural, Halogen, and incandescent lighting allows clients to accurately engage in product exploration with the most authentic lighting for makeup application. Research shows that natural light is ideal for makeup application so an extended curtain wall is installed to support ample amounts of natural light in the space. Track lighting is utilized to highlight the linear fixtures, Hot Now, and Sephora Favorites, while decorative pendants serve as task lighting at the cash wrap and 3D printer desk. The energetic atmosphere is supported by edgy sconces that serve as ambient lighting along the linear fixtures. Recessed cans and suspended linear fixtures give ample general lighting to the space.

    NaturalReflected Ceiling PlanScale: 1/16 = 10



  • Acrylic

    Bar Stool

    SeeElevation AScale: 1 = 10-0

    The demonstration area is a space designed to educate customers on current trends. In this space, visitors can engage in product and trend exploration in an interactive group setting. Products that are demonstrated include Hot Now products, which are located on black acrylic shelving on the fixture walls. The fixture walls shield the tutorial screen from sunlight glare coming in from the storefront windows. The digital screen within the area displays tutorials on current trends and how those products can be applied to the face. Sephora experts are available to aid customers with trend application at the suspended table top. The demo area is open toward the rest of the store to encourage other shoppers to join in the educational sessions. Bar Stools are a streamline design that provide comfort and color in the space.


    Key PlanNot To Scale


  • Look Book Concept


    Arbor Concept

    SeeElevation BScale: 1 = 10-0

    3D printers optimize the use of technology in the space. The 3D printer fixture produces Look Books for each client to receive when they enter the store. A Look Book is an acrylic shopping basket designed for convenience to hold beauty purchases. When guests checkout, the Look Book transforms into a take home travel case. The 3D printer is encased in glass so that shoppers can watch the printer make their shopping basket. The black feature wall behind the desk houses the Sephora logo so that it can be seen through the glass storefront windows. The fixture walls are lined with black acrylic shelving that displays Sephora Favorites products. The 3D printer area is located directly inside the entrance to serve as the Look Book acquiring station as well as a directory for guests who need assistance finding specific products.


    Key PlanNot To Scale

  • The individual kiosks allow shoppers to receive information and assistance with their color experience without the need for a sales assistant. The kiosks are located against the Sephora stripes feature wall for individual privacy. At the kiosk, shoppers can take the skin test and the kiosk will provide recommended products best suited for the individual based on skin type, price point, brand, and product type. Clients can utilize face scanning technology and digitally apply the recommended products directly to their face on the screen. Guests can post social media comments about the Sephora experience or products they test and the posts will be displayed on the live streaming social media screen at the cash wrap. The self-help kiosks also allows customers to access their Beauty Insider account to view current rewards, edit shopper profile, or see purchase history.



    SeeBeauty Insider Access

    Feature Wall Sketches

    Elevation CScale: 1 = 10-0

    Key PlanNot To Scale

  • Elevation DScale: 1 = 10-0

    The gondola fixtures are suspended on steel cables that are secured into a track system for reconfiguration and mobility. Each fixture has a testing end cap and a product display end cap. The end caps have screens mounted to them that display constant graphics and tutorials about the brands featured product, which is located in the glass case below the screen. At the screen, customers can scan product barcodes to view information about pricing, ingredients, other shade and color options, product reviews, tutorials, and social media access. Labeling for each brand is adjustable to different heights along the cable so shoppers can see every brand name in the space and navigate to them efficiently. The fixtures can be adjusted to each brands products with customizable trays that are produced at the 3D printer counter.

    Cable Detail

    Gondola Sketches

    Steel Cables


    Key PlanNot To Scale

  • At the Beauty Studio, clients can receive one on one assistance with completing their Look Book and color experience with a beauty stylist. The beauty experts can utilize existing Color IQ technology to perfectly match the clients skin tone. The drawers under the counter top are used to store testing supplies for easy access. The Beauty Studio is designed and located to eliminate the transition zone of the store. The transition zone is the area of the store where shoppers transition from being outside of the store to inside of the store. Whatever is in this zone is not remembered or paid attention to. By placing the Beauty Studio at the center of the store, it attracts interest and energy. The space includes resilient flooring which minimizes product breakage and supports the posture and comfort levels of Sephora sales assistants.


    Beauty Studio Sketch