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Zena Wiltshire. Why do I need to learn Math?. Any ideas? It is used in almost every career today. You will need basic problem solving skills for normal daily life duties. What you DONT know might hurt or kill you and others. Handling money Grocery shopping Cooking Taking medicines - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Zena Wiltshire

  • Why do I need to learn Math?Any ideas?It is used in almost every career today.You will need basic problem solving skills for normal daily life duties.What you DONT know might hurt or kill you and others.

  • I need Math in every day life?Handling moneyGrocery shoppingCookingTaking medicinesPaying billsUsing chemicals


  • Purpose of the ProjectThe purpose of this project is to answer that common question:

    All of the tasks you will be doing on this project is designed to answer this question for you!

  • (1) Topic/InterviewYou need to choose one person to interview.Preferably in a career that you are interested in doing.They will need to tell you:- about their career duties- how Math is used on this job- how to do a sample math problem- any additional related information

  • (2) CreateCreate a poster that will reflect the career that you learned about during your interview.On your posterCareer name/Person interviewed/WorkMath problem that is usedDescription of career

    4. Education Needed

    5. Connections to othersubjects in school

    6. Pictures/Illustrations/Symbols to showabout your career

  • (3) Develop Written ReportThis report will be a minimum of 5 paragraphs with the following:Cover pageInterview detailsQuestions and answersResearch about your careerConclusionReferencesPrefer reports to be typed minimum neatly written.

  • (4) PresentationApproximately 2-3 minutesExplain who you interviewedWhat is their occupation?Brief explanation of dutiesHow do they use Math?Sample Math problem(s)Other hands on examples?Ready for Powerpoint presentation/Web Site

  • A Little Extra?Want to add a little extra in your report or presentation - you may want to include:How this career affects our society todayHow it affects educationIf you are interested in pursuing this career and why, with extra details, such as starting salaries, benefits, etc.Dress up, act out, bring hands on items to pass aroundShare any additional related information

  • References and Related Siteshttp://stats.bls.gov/k12/html/tch_mat1.htmThis site was extremely valuable in providing math careers and additional detailed information about these careers.http://www.maa.org/careers/index.htmlThis site has profiles written by professionalsmost who use math daily, while others use problem solving skills learned in their math classes. http://kidlink.org/KIDPROJ/Math97/lancaree.htmlThis site has copies of the interviews performed by students in Lancaster, PA on Math in Careers.http://www.coolmath.com/frm_careers.htmThis site has all kinds of neat information about math and careers designed for kids or adults.http://dgl.microsoft.com/This site has numerous graphic and sound links, many of which were used on this site.

  • Final Questions and RemarksQuestions?Final RemarksDue Date:Friday, March 1

  • ***