World-changing organizations creating world-changing solutions—together Introducing Kaleidoscope Mindspring A SHEEO Peer Collaboration Network Webinar

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Objectives Introduce Project Kaleidoscope Context Purposes Results Introduce Mindspring Objectives Structure, Criteria Timeline Participation? 3


World-changing organizations creating world-changing solutionstogether Introducing Kaleidoscope Mindspring A SHEEO Peer Collaboration Network Webinar 11 September 2012 Kaleidoscope -> Mindspring Kaleidoscope is the NGLC project Mindspring is the code-name for a next-steps project that adapts Kaleidoscope processes, for deployment at statewide-scales and beyond Code-name eliminates confusion with STEM, other projects (including NGLC Kaleidoscope) 2 Objectives Introduce Project Kaleidoscope Context Purposes Results Introduce Mindspring Objectives Structure, Criteria Timeline Participation? 3 Mindspring in a Nutshell 4 Aims to Strengthen student performance, especially among at-risk students, in a way that also Strengthens institutional performance and ability to pursue the teaching & learning mission, by means of Multi-institutional collaboration to develop and deploy High-performance curricular materials (including adaptive curriculum) coupled with improved pedagogy, based on Open educational resources (OER) and providing High-success, low-risk, affordable adoption and sustaining (business) models for higher education institutions of all types. OER Definition & Brief History OER Defined Comprehensive curricular & learning materials, including assessments Licensed to freely enable 4 Rs: Reuse; Redistribute; Revise; Remix OER History 10-year movement Open CourseWare funded 3/2002 Today: 100,000s of OER courses worldwide Billions of dollars invested in OER production right now Support via policy and/or practice US Federal ($500m+) State (AL, AZ, FL, GA, LA, MS, MO, OR, SC, UT, WA, WV, others) Local jurisdictions, too Nations and jurisdictions on every continent; UNESCO, OECD, World Bank 5 We Know that OER Creates financial wins for students and institutions Performs as well or better in terms of student success Improves flexibility & personalization of learning, and deepens learning & engagement Improves institutional performance, and faculty and student satisfaction So why isnt OER pervasive on US higher education campuses? The Provosts Problem Individual conversion to OER is rational Institutional conversion has not been rational OER as one-legged stool Strong production model Limited/no adoption, sustaining models All three are necessary for institutional adoption Problems are surmountable by individual faculty, but involve too much cost, risk for institutions Until now. Kaleidoscope & Mindspring Both solve the Provosts Problem No OER production: partner with existing, best-of-breed OER producers & aggregators Deliver robust, scalable, institutional Adoption model: reduce risks, ease transition, assure success Self-sustaining model for OER-across-the- curriculum, at institutional/state/national scales Kaleidoscope Project History Best of the best postsecondary (GenEd) OER-based curricular innovation 1 of 600+ candidates; 1 of 30 finalists Next Generation Learning Challenges Wave I Awarded $750k to cover innovation, collaboration costs Up to 4 semesters; rigorous external evaluation Funded May 2011; Launched August/September 2011 Scalability: 2+ courses; 4,000+ students Focus on at-risk students Substantial drop in costs Equal or better term-over-term student success Requirements/Expectations 9 10 Kaleidoscope OER Expert Partners 11 Share & Adopt Discover & Select OER A Virtuous Cycle Adoption 13 # Campuses Enrolled Students Distinct Courses Course OfferingsInstructors NGLC Expected/Required AY Pilot 83, Total 89, Mindspring AY Committed ,000+TBD 3,500+ Expected ,000+TBD 7,000? Other Hard Objective Results Reduce the cost of academic content as a barrier to persistence Academic content (textbook, etc.) cost reduced by 99.8%. (We estimate %+ is sustainable) Increase student success Persistence rates compared to the previous year increased up to 10% Individual-course success-rates improved up to 145% Sustain OER deployment and enhancement 8 campuses involved so far, in 3 US states Project is self- sustaining already (ahead-of-schedule) 14 Faculty Experience This project is the most rewarding professional experience I have ever had. This is an issue of social justice. How, in good conscience, can we not contribute to this movement? Kaleidoscope has changed my teaching, my perspective and my life. 100% will use open educational resources again 100% found the quality of the texts to be equal or better 100% continued in Kaleidoscope project 15 It was very concise and aligned with exactly what we were working on in the class. Having the textbook catered to us by our teacher was perfect. Student ratings of quality of open texts 3% 56% 41% 16 I enjoy having online texts provided for me because I'm poor. I spend the money I have left after rent on school, so having free online texts provided for me benefits me very much. GREAT WAY TO DO ONLINE CLASSES!!!! Student Ratings of Project Overall 13% 73% 17 World-changing organizations creating world-changing solutionstogether NEXT-STEPS INITIATIVE 18 Kaleidoscope in Context Proved concept, at-scale Multi-campus, multi-institution Thousands of students, hundreds of faculty Big wins in costs, performance, and satisfaction What wasnt (entirely) accomplished? Full build-out of curriculum Full institutionalization (e.g., governance) Scaling to statewide, nationwide deployment These are the deliverables for Mindspring Mindspring Project Plan Recruit: 3-5 US state higher education establishments Reasonably comprehensive (tipping-point) commitment of public institutions Goal: ~500,000 PSE students at 50+ institutions will have all-OER General and Developmental Ed curricula within 2 years Participants commit to: implementing Kaleidoscope process and Mindspring sustaining model, going forward Project seeks: one-time private funding to complete institutionalization, curricular build-out, etc. Result: a self-sustaining OER-across-the-curriculum project that any US higher education institution can join without requiring external support, initially or ongoing Current Status Firm Commitments KY (20+ institutions; 120k+ students) AZ (1/10+ institutions; 100k+ students) CA (10+ institutions; ~100k+ students) Already past self-sustaining mark; we can launch now, if necessary Several additional states considering participation Various stages of discussion 134+ institutions 1.4m+ students First convening post-Columbus Day Follow-up questions? (Chris) Christopher J. Mackie, Ph.D. Executive Director, CollaborationSource Thank you! 22