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Why Sponsor my Trip to China?By Joshua Brown, Global Young Leader Conference Nominee

About meI am Joshua Brown and I am 15 years old. I go to a private school in Memphis, and I have a loving family and several pets. In seventh grade, I was nominated by my social studies teacher to go to the National Young Leaders State Conference in Nashville Tennessee. While there, I learned leadership skills, team-building skills, and I had a great time while meeting new people. Recently, I was nominated to go to the GLYC (Global Young Leaders Conference) that is being held in China! I am so excited to have this opportunity and I hope I can learn a lot from this experience. If you help sponsor me, you will know you are helping build a new generation of great leaders!

Benefits of Sponsoring me:Promotion of corporate ID (logos, websites, and brands can be promoted in China while I am there)

Promotion of logos bring in more loyal customers and money.

Creates positive publicity for your company

All donors will be recognized on my website at www.joshua-brown.com.

The Benefit of knowing you are helping foster a new generation of young leaders.

What I have done to raise moneyTo start raising money for my trip, I started making paracord survival bracelets. I have been selling these, and have successfully reached my down payment! I am still making these bracelets and selling them on my website for $15.I am also working with my dad to make sponsorship letters to give out to business in hope of their support of my trip!I am so excited for my upcoming trip and hope to raise the money in time!

Thank you!Thank-you everyone for supporting me and my trip! I am excited and cant wait to get to China. I will be sure to post on my blog pictures and what I am up to while I am out there! If you know anyone who is willing to help me raise money for my trip let me know! Thanks again!