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  • 1. Travels to India and China By: Whitney Vuong, Christine Le, Bogdan Ristic, Medina

2. India 3. Expansion

  • In the 13 thcentury, Muslim Turks had conquered a large part of India.
  • North and central India was politically united by the Turkish sultan, Muhammad, for the first time since the Gupta empire.

4. Muhammad 5. Religion

  • When the Muslim Turks invaded India, they introduced Islamic culture to the people
  • Many who were Buddhist in northern India had converted to Muslim.
  • Even in the south, where there was a Hinduism revival, was a small minority of people who became Muslim.

6. Freedom of Travel

  • Islam urged people to open their minds and horizons, and know about the wonders of God's creation.
  • Islam spreads westwards to Spain, eastward to the border of China and to the middle of India, south of Abyssinia and, northward to the countries of the Turks and Slavs.
  • the Islamic society was a place where long distance travel was common

7. China 8. Spread of Islam to China

  • As trade from India was mostly controlled by Muslims, the Islamic culture spread to China and other parts of Asia.
  • Muslim ships carried the sufis to China, which also played in important role in the spread of Islam.
  • Islamic Sufi

9. Muslim Mosque in China 10. Influence of Islam

  • Islamic religion had a big impact in Southeast Asia.
  • In China, Islam influenced technology, arts, sciences, architecture, military, and medicine.
  • Below is a Chinese Islamic scroll

11. Famous Chinese Muslim

  • Zheng He (Cheng Ho) - Most famous Chinese Muslim of all time. Performed Hajj ( Pilgrimage to Mecca)
  • His tomb