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Step 3. Action

$$$$$$Target: All the 4 kinds of consumersTask: Provide 4 kinds of service packages for different consumers, stimulate their purchaseKeywords: Diversified Service packages, KMT foodMileage reward, Premarital check-up, GiftsTarget: All the 4 kinds of consumersTask: Provide 4 kinds of service packages for different consumers, stimulate their purchaseKeywords: Diversified Service packages, KMT foodMileage reward, Premarital check-up, Gifts

Already tired of the black and white on my ppt?Now its time to change, lets get into the colourful part: our products!

1ACompanies in charge of high forums and summits.Service package A

Heart for good workPropagate the experience of famous personages who attended high forums or summits with service of Korean Medical Tourism.This will give other consumers a very good example, helping interest people and making them believe that Korean Medical Tourism is elegant and pretty good.

2BHeart of health

Service package BIndividual consumer demanding nourishing of life.Urban civilization disease

Embarrassment of the Premarital check-upService package BBackground

$Step 3.Action$$Women consumption group

Individuals who want to go abroad for medical tourism

New couples who need to undertake premarital check-up

$Step 3.ActionTarget buyer

Service package B$$group (based on themself or for their families sports leisure needs) 5KMT Food: Specially custom-made Korean food serviceConstellation matching tour group serviceRomantic premarital check-up serviceService package B

Cosmetology for women consumers


Service package B

$Step 3.Action$$

food safety problemsService

Service package B

$Step 3.Action$$A growing number of food safety problems in China concern people seriously. emerge in endlesslyNow the food safety is a much-talked-about topic in China. If we express our special care for food safety to individual consumers, they will be attracted and interested.7SafeService

Service package BHealthfulTraditionalKMT FoodSpecially custom-made food service

$Step 3.Action$$Service

Service package B

Choose the befitting food plan from the 4 kinds of food for the consumer.Recognize the constitution of the consumers body according to

$Step 3.Action$$Main:

TV for advertisement Journal for in-depth reportAdvertisement by Google and BaiduMedia Strategy

Service package B

$Step 3.Action$$Arrange frequency consulting Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve


Other:Advertorial on BBS. Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

: )Step 3.Media Strategy

Service package BArrange frequency consulting Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve


Heart of ComityService package CConsumers who have strong needs for social intercourse, especially by presenting gifts.

BossCEOCo-workerClientStaffCollegeStaffStaffNephewAuntWifeFriendUncleSonCousinFatherMotherSocial ReportBackground

Spring Festival

Mid Autumn Day


Mothers Day

Fathers Day

BirthdayTeachers Day

And so onLantern Festival

Average gifts cost during The Spring Festival : 4000 yuan per person (White Collar) Background

$Step 3.Action$$Individual consumers, mostly with a middle or higher incomes, who have strong needs for social intercourse, especially by presenting gifts.

Service package CTarget buyer

$Step 3.Action$$

Gifts for parentsPhysical examination, KMT foodaccompanying doctorother specific disease treatmentGifts for wife or husbandPhysical examinationSpecial food serviceTraditional Korean Wedding activitiesGifts for boss and co-workersPhysical examinationtraditional Korean Medical treatmentService package CService

$Step 3.Action$$Service:

Silver-wedding tourism package for parents

Physical examination, special food, accompany doctor, other specific disease treatment.

romantic tourism package for anniversaryPhysical examination, special food service, traditional Korean Wedding activities, other specific treatment.

VIP service for superior or boss.Physical examination, traditional Korean Medical treatment,

16Mass media (TV and internet)

Main: Other: Airplane seats advertisementAdvertisement in Lift of Office Buildings

The Best Gift!Service package CMedia Strategy

$Step 3.Action$$

Supply Korean Medical Tourism service as Mileage Reward to long-term passengers of the airline.Experience Marketing

Korean Medical TourismService package CPromotion

Cooperate with airlines

$Step 3.Action$$DService package D

Heart for EliteHR departments of companies and firms, for which staff welfare is an important part of job.

$Step 3.Action$$tax for Staff Welfare


Service package D


$Step 3.Action$$Different from salary, there is no taxation for staff welfare. Therefore, companies generally prefer improving staff welfare rather than raising salary.

A large number of companies choose HR business process outsourcing, meaning HR management work become more concentrated in specialized companies. (in the US, 94% choose HR business process outsourcing. better chance to cooperate with them. we dont have to cooperate with every company.

Due to the welfare of employees is a form of enterprise's life , the welfare will contribute to the following several strategic target: Assist attracting employees; Assist to keep employees; Improve enterprises image in staffs and other enterprises mind; Improve staffs satisfaction of the position.With the differ



Service package DHR business process outsourcing

$Step 3.Action$$

HR Department AHR Department CHR Department B


Service package D

$Step 3.Action$$Assist attracting employeesAssist to keep employeesImprove enterprises image in staffs and other enterprises mindImprove staffs satisfaction of the position.Advantages of staff welfareTreatment for special needs (Pay by his own)

Service package DService

KMT foodParty for the Staff(with Korean traditional Games)Physical ExaminationCosmetology for women employees

$Step 3.Action$$

Sending e-mails to HR managerTalk over with HR departments directlyAdvertising on Journal and newspaper Service package DMedia Strategy


$Step 3.Action$$Other:

Radio advertisement

New Solution to Staff Welfare!

Advertisement in the lift in Office BuildingsService package DMedia Strategy

$Step 3.Action$$SummaryStep1.What

?What is Medical Tourism Medical Tourism=Korean Medical Tourism4 kinds of service packages for different consumers. Stimulate the purchases for Korean Medical Tourism. Personages prefer Korean Medical TourismKorean Medical Tourism is top grade serviceStep2. How


!Step3. Action


9.0 EarthquakeFears forRadiation

Explosion of nuclear reactors





Part4EvaluationThe data of purchases from Travel Corporation

Market Frequency of searching key wordsThe rank of hot topic(Google, Baidu)

AudienceQuestionnaire surveyPage Views of advertisementAudienceSuccessful cooperation with HR departments and high forum holdersMarketEvaluation advertorialThe number of peopletodou, youkuAdveritisement(video)Page viewsBBSNews reportsPage views, sharingTop topicsOther social -mediaRelated articles Article &commentsThe positive comments rateOutdoors AirlinesLifts in office buildingsNumber of related clientsThe number of audience aReaction to advertisementMedia MonitoringBudgetPart4 budgeted statement of Korea medical tourism marketing plan Project DescriptionExpense budget TotalYuan Unit price (Yuan Amount Frequency SubtotalYuan Stage One 3020000 Event marketingOffer medical tour service for Chinese athlete and give publicity to the event 300000 1 1 300000 Public relation acquisition & Joint communication with websites Negotiate with website editors to provide Public relation acquisition service, make the topic a hot issue 1000 20 3 60000 Special coverage for Korea medical tourism Send out positive comments through opinion leaders to earn consumers faith in the product 500000 5 1 2500000 Payment for related articles in newspapers and journals Keep experts on tourism and health care express their praise in essays to maintain the topic hot 80000 2 1 160000 Stage Two 11888000 High-end forum customer resource acquirement Manage to build official partnership with high-end forum organizers 1000 6 2 12000 budgeted statement of Korea medical tourism marketing plan Project DescriptionExpense budget TotalYuan Unit price (Yuan Amount Frequency SubtotalYuan Award distribution in airlineJoin hands with airline companies to provide prize winners with basic services of medical tour 3000 1 12 36000 Ad distribution on plane satellite TV and transit poster on tour bus Unite medical and tourism organizations to afford the advertisement on international flights and tour buses for one year after concept cognition has been done 8000000 1 1 8000000 Interactive communication on celebrity micro-blog Invite celebrities to try Korea medical tour for free and give their feedback through blog or micro-blog 200000 4 1 800000 Lottery for micro-blog message sharing Serve the winners the basic programs of medical tour4000 2 5 40000 TV feature program filming & release Release of advertising spots or infomercials on TV, video ads on the Internet1000000 3 1 3000000 budgeted statement of Korea


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