Why can't I whistle ?

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  • Frank can shake his ears, but Max cant wink. There are all sorts of quirky traits and actions that most people can do when others cannot. Could whistling be just one of them ?

    Mixed responses from people :To some, whistling came effortlessly but to some it doesnt come right even after practice

    Carefree, casual &fun-loving attitude

    Just sitting around humming

    Signaling to your friend

    Calling a cab!

    Hitting high notes and tones

    Rude to whistleindoors

    Superstitous with whistling at


    Associated with eve

    teasing and rowdiness


    Seeking Attention


    Musical Mastery

    Science behind it



    On your own Friends and Family Youtube + Internet


    part frustration , part curiosity

    A complex but natural task

    Previously ignored as one of those things I just couldnt do, I took it upon myself to learn how to whistle. However, after 2 months of trying, annoying my friends and creeping out strangers in public and still failing ,I decided to do some quick research and find out more about this silly problem, the design way.

    a day long discovery

    by Rajasi Rastogi

    The shape of the tongue, teeth and roof of the mouth determine the sound produced when air flows through the mouth. Since every persons jaw structure is different, so is there ability to whistle.

    so all the illustrations, videos, maybe even lessons, just dont work !

    Whistling has different connotations in different countries.

    In an effort to understand how people learn to whistle, I asked 30 people whether or not they could whistle.



    It is aCultural Thing

    I am not the only one

    11 out of 30 people I asked couldnt whistle

    ...but wheres the fun in knowing that ?

    A personal thing

    A rehearsed habit or a natural trait ?


    IMPACT OF PHONESNow we call an Uber with an app instead of hailing a cab, a mom texts her son, who has earphones in,to come down for dinner.Whistling, what once used to be a rite of passage has now become a lost art.

    Not anymore...

    In Kuskoy, a remote mountain village in Turkey, villagers still communicate across valleys by whistling.

    Did you know ? I didnt...

    Curious about the interesting relationship between the two, I asked those who could whistle whether they ever owned a pet in their childhood, specifically a dog.

    Still not sure whether I have the answer, but maybe this will help

    To be continued...Drop me a line if you are a master whistler, trainer, or just like me, want to know why on earth is this still a mystery

    Pets andwhistling

    Three types of whistling

    Ways to learn

    With mouth With fingers With tongue

    Growing up in India, I was always told it was un-ladylike for girls to whistle.

    Could this be why I didnt try hard enough before?

    Just managed to do it one day

    Never came naturally to me

    Tried for months but still couldnt

    Could do it when I was a kid, notanymore

    My whole family can whistle, only I cant

    Could do at some point, but then I had braces and now I cant whistle even if my life depended on it.

    Taught myself how to whistle, took a

    lot of practice

    Practiced till got it

    Naturally learnt it Gave up after first try

    Tried alot but failed

    Have had a dog / petCan whistle

    Cant whistle

    I can even whistle songs

    * starts whistling*

    It became a habit, my body developed it

    as a muscle Dont remember how and

    when though

    Whislted to my dog all the time

    These were some of their responses


    Russia Japan India


    Cant whistle Can Whistle

    No technology can replace it. Ever

    Get more practice without knowing it

    Accepted across all cultures

    Not awkard in public and noone minds

    Perhaps this is why...

    Practice More Get a dog ? Just wait...

    12 of 20 people who could whistle , also had a dog or another pet in their childhood !

    When asked, Can you whistle ? most people curled up their mouth, regardless of whether they could whistle or not. It was a very automatic, intuitive reaction to the question!

    Interesting Behaviour