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Over 100 people joined us for the first Social Marketers NYC Meetup. The topic was "What's Next in Social?" Rachel Silver of Birchbox and Laura Chin of Etsy joined us to discuss the changes, challenges and opportunities taking place in the social marketing landscape. We put together the stats, news stories and advice collected from that night. To join us at Social Marketers NYC, join our group here: http://www.meetup.com/Social-marketers-nyc/ To learn more about Offerpop and try out a free social campaign, visit us here: www.offerpop.com


  • 1.Whats Next in Social?With Etsy and BirchboxLaura ChinRachel Silver EtsyBirchbox @lorwich@racheljo

2. Our conversation focused on all the crazy changes insocial media and how marketers are keeping up. The key themes of the evening were how social keeps getting more mobile. the rise of social spending. socials more visual look. the pace of change in social. the move towards socialOfferpop CMO Mark Cooper moderates a conversation with Rachel and Laura. data. 3. First, lets face it. Social is going mobile. And marketersneed to figure out how to adapt. FFacebook is increasingly mobile. As of late last year, the socialnetwork had 680 million mobile users. BTwitter naturally aligns with mobile given its texting-like features.It makes sense that 63% of users access them from a mobiledevice. 60% of smartphone22% of time spent onowners access socialAndroid phones andnetworks from their deviceiPhones is on socialon a daily basis. networking apps. 4. Meanwhile, social medias getting more respect andmore money. Spending on social is on a steep upswing. $Brands will spend 37%more on social this year. And socials slice of the budget is expected to rise from 8.4% to 21.6% over the next five years. 5. Social networks are getting more visual, too. Marketersneed to think in pictures. Call it the Pinterest effect.Pinterest broke into the most visited siteslist in the US in September at 50th. ByJanuary it had rose to 39th. Sept. 12 Jan. 13Shortly after Twitter" Facebooks redesigned News Feed wherereleased its Vine40% of users time isproduct, the new spent heavilyservice saw more emphasizes visualthan 100,000 videoscontent, both foruploaded over apeople and brands.single weekend. 6. Change is a constant. Almost every major social networkhas announced new features since January. On January 15,Two weeks later, Facebook ups itsTwitter releasesP Y search efforts byVine inventing announcing Graph Search the six-second film By February 5, On February 20,F U Instagram decidesTwitter announced to introduce a Web its Ad API platform March 7 rollsNot even a week around, andH Mlater, Pinterest Facebook rolls out unveils analytics a new look for the for business pages News Feed 7. Social data is a huge opportunity for marketers. Its alsoa big challenge. Clearly, people are sharing data. 30 billion pieces of contentare shared on Facebook every month. 500 million tweets are processed on Twitter per day. Yet, CMOs consistently report that they dont feel socialmedia is well integrated with other marketing efforts. 8. So with all these topics, changes and challenges in mind,we got together to talk with Laura and Rachel. 9. Thinking about all the shifts we justmentioned, Im curious: whats thebiggest way your job has changed overthe past year? 10. Its shifted from a community management role to a marketing strategist role. Were working across departments, and sharing data about how customers are interacting and engaging with us.Weve become theeducators internally. Socialmedia is becoming muchmore important and itschanging so rapidly thatweve all had to pitch in toexplain how it works, andhow to be effective. 11. Of all the big updates to major socialnetworks, which are you most excitedabout? 12. Im really excited about the new FacebookNews Feed. I think people will start toconsume it like a personal newspaper,replacing services like Google Reader andRSS. I used to read like 300 articles a day onReader, then I shifted to Twitter. But now Ithink Facebook could be the news aggregator.If brands do content well, then theyll be ableto take advantage of this change because itsmore visual. 13. How do you keep up with all the platformchanges? Whats the vetting process? 14. Try everything thats new, even if it doesnt end up working. The idea is to get a sense of what works and what doesnt. That way, youre ahead of the trends.Social is now the testingground for new campaignsand ideas. Social hasbecome an immediatefocus group. Through oursocial campaigns, we get asense of what content orcampaigns are resonating. 15. How much do you pay attention toinfluencers? Are you targeting andidentifying them? 16. We have a very active blogger and influencer community, and are always looking at ways to find new influencers to interact with. We create authentic relationships by engaging people that are fans of the brand who post, comment, or ask questions through a variety of platforms. We provide them with Birchbox news and content, invite them to exclusive events, and listen to their feedback.We have relationships with all types of blogswith a range of followers, and we make surewe interact regularly with all of them. 17. Can you share some of your strategiesfor Facebook ads? 18. Our fans would rather seecontent than ads. So wereramping up SponsoredPosts, rather than creatingtraditional ads.Our growth over the last two yearshas really been organic. When wedo use Facebook ads, we often useSponsored Posts to target fans andfriends of fans, which makes our adspend relevant. 19. How are you tackling the growing numberof mobile users engaging with socialcampaigns? 20. Were always surprised at howmany people engage with usand shop on mobile, which iswhy we are constantlybrainstorming ways to innovate.Our goal is to make the userexperience enjoyable andseamless.Were trying to go from bucketingmobile as one thing to establishingthe nuances between tablets andsmartphones. Its not all the sameexperience. So we try to design withthese different experiences in mind,but dont design exclusively formobile. 21. How do you connect the physicalexperience of your brand with the socialmedia experience? 22. We look to Etsy sellers tosee how they marketthemselves. A lot of thesetactics can be used acrossthe company. Lately,theyve been using Vine toshow off their productfeatures. So were lookinginto replicating that.What I would do is setup anOfferpop campaign and then askpeople to share the experience,using a specific hashtag, for areward. We find people are reallywilling to share for a reward. 23. What is Social Marketers NYC?Expertise and insight. Thats what it takes to be a social marketer in NYC -and every month we deliver. We bring together journalists, analysts, socialmarketers and even scientists to discuss trends, strategies and culturalshifts that impact our brands. Each session includes a short presentationand then a discussion with top experts. Members are encouraged to askquestions and share their own insights. And we leave plenty of time fornetworking with food and drinks. Join us athttp://www.meetup.com/Social-marketers-nyc/About OfferpopOfferpop is a super easy-to-use social marketing platform for Facebookand Twitter. Marketers across the globe use Offerpop to build active fanbases, optimize their social content, and unlock rich, actionable data thatconverts fans into customers. From small businesses to top brands likeAmazon, Pepsi, and MTV, companies use Offerpop to drive success acrosstheir key marketing channels engaging and converting fans like neverbefore. Offerpop is a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, qualifiedby the PMD program in Apps. Try us out for free at www.offerpop.com.