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Learn how to set up an Etsy shop, link it to Paypal, get paid and ship items online. Then perfect your shop with tips on taking great photos for online use, using relevant tags for SEO, and promoting yourself on social media.


  • Go Global: Its as Easy asGuide to Online Selling and Marketing By Rickson
  • Overview: Internet as an International ToolGetting Online: Promotion:- What is Etsy? - Links to Facebook and Twitter- How to create a profile and Shop - Making Friends = free promotion- Photography for Online Use - Analyzing Shop Stats- Tagging (SEO) - Blogging- Pricing your work - Staying Connected- Getting Paid - Staying up to Date- Shipping
  • What is ? Etsy is a global online marketplace for - All Things Handmade - Vintage Items - Supplies - Think of it as a huge market in one place and you are going to learn how to set up a tent (shop) within this marketplace. - All of its customers from all over the world already come to the marketplace to buy the type of item you are selling from the list above.
  • How is having an Etsy Shop Different from making my own Website? Etsy Helps you to Be More Visible Website VS Etsy An Etsy Shop is like having a cabin on aInternet is a sea of websites, big cruise line. Youll be easy to find, and having your own site is like you connect to others while you sail around being on a raft waiting to be the internet linking to other big boats and found. even rafts.
  • Etsy Overview Free to join 20 cents per posting Etsy takes small percentage of each sale (3.5%) Well established trusted site Target market Help with building a shop Advanced searching systems Analytics system built in Connects to Paypal Connects to Facebook/Twitter Connections to other artistsEtsy makes money when you make money, so they help you succeed
  • How Does Etsy Work?
  • Getting Started
  • First you Create an Account
  • Check the email you used to make your account
  • When you go to list an item Etsy will prompt you to enter credit card first.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization Basically, knowing where to put the words that define your shop, so searchengines can connect your buyers to you. ANYWHERE Etsy asks for words, will be used for SEO. I will mention more important places as we go with SEO. List an ItemSites are very user friendly, but you need to learn how to post smart. -Fill out honestly so buyers that want your item can find it -Category: The one that suits the work best -Type: Optional, only use if one really matches the item
  • Images Online = SmallMaster Shot: Should show what item is and make people want to ClickDetail shots: Different anglesItem in action: Jewellery being worn, bowl with fruit in it, mop mopping etcPackaging shot: Show your beautiful packaging if you offer itAny extra detail images, I show how the pieces are made. Other ideas include: - You in your studio - A happy customer wearing your work - A image saying you were featured on the front page of Etsy
  • Titles (SEO) : Put ALL Important information.Description (Beginning is SEO) : Concept, size, weight, materials, how its made,stories help conceptualize the object for buyers/collectors.
  • Shop Sections SEO and Item Attributes: Narrowing the sale Shop Sections can help shoppers to navigate your shop. Eg: Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings etc. Attributes used to help buyers find your item. ONLY use it item suitable for only ONE Recipient, Occasion or Style. Otherwise can be missed by buyers looking for it under a different attribute.
  • Tags: Words Buyers Use When Searching SEO Try to figure out what words your customers will use to search for the items they wantwhich should be the items you sell. - What is it? - What is it used for? - Materials - Techniques (eg. Handmade, carved, engraved etc) - Occasions (eg. Wedding, Bridal) - Colour - Style (eg. Modern)
  • Pricing Your Work for Online Sales Calculating Wholesale and Retail Prices Perceived Value: How much does something look like it is worth Market Ceiling: Does your item have a top price people are willing to pay? Market average: Is there an average price for products similar to yours? On Etsy once an item sells, it shows up in your sold section. The price will not be shown so you are free to raise and lower your prices as you wish.
  • Calculating ShippingPrice for Item: Choose currency- well discuss pricing more later Air mail to US for small packet is: $2.00 6.00 Mailing item takes half hour ($12/hr = $6.00) Envelopes, bags, business card = $1.00 per item Profit: $1.00 Total: $14.00 Can charge less or offer free shipping to attract customers. Then add extra money you need to cover your expenses to the price of your item.
  • This is how the posting will look to the public
  • When buyers click on your item they get all the juicy information youve entered and MORE! In order to optimize sale - Price and Add to CartTitle (SEO) - Other Items in Store - Fav the shopImages - See who favs - Shop owner details - Add Item to Favs - Tweet and Facebook - ViewsDescription (SEO) - Price and Add to Cart
  • Shipping Payment Methods Contact Seller Shop Polices About the Item Who Its for, Occasion Tags (SEO) Materials
  • Tip for creating other listings-Dont have to select and enter everything again, like shipping, shop category, etc.-Anything that will be the same, the work is done. Will have to change more details.-Vary your entries in SEO locations for similar items.
  • Your Etsy Shop Home Page SEO Areas
  • Creating your Home Page
  • Creating your Home Page
  • SEO
  • Introduce Yourself to Buyers with a Great Home Page Popular or interesting items Featured at top Personal avatar: Its me Shows that I am a real person not a faceless corporation Shop Announcement SEO The beginning of your shop announcement is visible, AND used in search engines so needs to be the most important information for your buyers. Has to answer their questions. SEO SEO SEO +
  • Put extra details you want shoppers to know about Eg: Your Background, How long pieces will take to make, your techniques, donations you make, links to your blog etc.
  • What Happens when an Item Sells? Two Things: Notification of Sale from Etsy Notification of Payment