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Summary of bigger changes out of 553 tickets that were fixed in the last 12 months. Discover a quick overview of the new projects that the Piwik team and community released.


  • 1. What we got done in Piwik in the last year
  • 2. 553 tickets June 2013 July 2014
  • 3. Piwik Mission Statement "To create, as a community, the leading international open source web analytics platform, that gives every user full control of their data."
  • 4. New Piwik logo
  • 5. Piwik Mobile 2
  • 6. Piwik.org new website!
  • 7. Move from Trac to Github issues
  • 8. Also announced in Piwik blog Mobile Analytics SDK: beta release of Piwik iOS SDK Independent Center for Data Privacy Protection in France (CNIL) recommends Piwik for compliance with data protection laws Official Debian Package for Piwik now available
  • 9. Help us Reset The Net today on June 5th
  • 10. What we got done in last year Piwik 2.0 release in December 2013 Upgraded to modern technologies PHP 5.3+, AngularJS, Twig, Composer, LESS, etc. Semantic Versioning for core and plugins
  • 11. Some of the tools we use
  • 12. Launched open Marketplace
  • 13. Easy plugins settings
  • 14. Easy plugins notifications
  • 15. Introduced ./console commands
  • 16. Generate code for plugins
  • 17. Kickstart a Developer Platform Created Developer Guides developer.piwik.org including auto generated guides... Events Listing PHP API: classes, methods
  • 18. developer.piwik.org
  • 19. Generate code for plugins
  • 20. Performance improvements Archive memory improvements Use innodb instead of Myisam Log Analytics: Tracking API uses transactions Many other improvements
  • 21. Security improvements 12 bounties sent to security researchers ~ 3,000 USD 3 critical releases
  • 22. Better QA processes Run piwik.js in Travis Run tests on MYSQLI Kept improving code coverage
  • 23. Better QA processes New Screenshot tests for Continuous User Interface Testing After each commit, 200 screenshots are taken and compared!
  • 24. Send Super Users an email when a new Piwik version is available Always enabled for core, optional for plugins
  • 25. Multiple Super Users
  • 26. Improvements to design and UX New beautiful theme: Morpheus Simplification of design to let you focus Your UI preferences are now stored and restored on next use.
  • 27. Zen Mode
  • 28. Show % values in reports
  • 29. New top menu
  • 30. New Help page
  • 31. Search for segments
  • 32. Privacy for geolocation
  • 33. Visitor Profile
  • 34. What we got done in last year Custom Alerts
  • 35. Alert me by email when the site becomes slow
  • 36. Treemap Visualisation
  • 37. Device Detector library
  • 38. Event Tracking trackEvent(category, action, [name], [value])
  • 39. Insights
  • 40. Movers and Shakers widget
  • 41. Who am I? Matthieu Aubry Frenchman living in New Zealand Founded Piwik, Lead dev Co-founded Piwik PRO Software Engineer Favorite things in life: Privacy, Freedom, www, Peace, Love and Nature.