what is the purpose of life? why was i created? know him love himserve him to be happy god created...

Download What is the purpose of life? Why was I created? know Him love Himserve him to be happy God created me so that I can know Him, to love Him and to serve

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  • What is the purpose of life?Why was I created?God created me so that I can know Him, to love Him and to serve him in this world and to be happy with Him now and FOREVER in heaven.

  • The Universal Call to HolinessWho is called to be HOLY?EVERYONE is called to be a saint to be holy!

    You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect Matthew 5:48

  • One Call, Many PathsWe are called to be holy in a particular state of life PriestReligious brother or sisterMarriedSingleSTUDENT

  • How do I become a saint?+ Receive the seed of holiness in baptism+ Receive Gods grace (help) in:1. Prayer2. Sacraments + Cooperate with Gods grace by living a life of virtue in imitation of Christ

  • Is it REALLY possible?Without God, nothing is possible.John 15:5 - I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in me and I in him will bear much fruit, because without me you can do nothing.With God, everything is possible!"What is impossible for human beings is possible for God." Luke 18:27

  • Say not, I am too young. . . Jeremiah 1:7Dear young people, may it be your holy ambition to be holy, as He is holy You will ask me: but is it possible today to be saints? With Christ, saintliness the divine plan for every baptized person becomes possible. Rely on Him Jesus walks with you, he renews your heart and strengthens you with the vigor of His Spirit . . . do not be afraid to be the saints of the new millennium! - Pope John Paul II 15th World Youth Day, Rome, August 2000.

  • 1. Prayer2. Sacraments3. Fellowship4. Service

  • HOW do I become a saint? The advice of Pope John Paul II:1. Prayer: love prayer; Continue to listen to His Word, Listen to Christs Word in the GospelsFollow the Will of the Father, discovered in prayer through the Holy Spirit, with the help of a spiritual director (priest/confessor)Vertical arm of the Cross

  • 2. Sacraments: draw strength from the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Penance.

    Vertical arm of the Cross . . .

  • 3. Fellowship: Be active members of the Church and builders of peace.

    Horizontal arm of the Cross . . .

  • 4. Service: Be generous in the service of your brothers and sistersUse our gifts for Gods glory, not oursAccept sufferings to save souls

    Horizontal arm of the Cross . . .

  • 1. Prayer2. Sacraments3. Fellowship4. Service

  • Here I am, Lord ... I come to do Your Will. Psalm 40:8-9I say to you, dear young people: Do not be afraid of Christ! He takes nothing away, and he gives you everything. When we give ourselves to him, we receive a hundredfold in return. Yes, open, open wide the doors to Christ and you will find true life. - Pope Benedict XVI Inaugural Mass Homily, April 24, 2005

  • Note to teacherAt this point, I go through these young saints. I say Name and they respond so that its interactive. Know the stories of these young saints.Most were martyred. Connect to todays type of martyrdom.

  • Try these saints on for size . . . Name: St. CeciliaBorn: 100 A.D?Known for: Patroness of Music (vowed virginity, sung to God on her wedding day, her husband converted and died a martyr)Attempted to steam to death in bathtub, botched beheading, lived for three days preaching about ChristWent to Heaven at age: 17?

  • Name: St. SebastianBorn: 270 A.D.?Known for: Patron of athletes Roman soldier who was tied to tree and shot with arrows for converting people to Christianity (recovered, was beaten to death)Went to Heaven at age: 24?

  • Name: St. TarcisiusBorn: 200 A.D.?Known for: Patron of alter servers. Young man who was attacked and beaten to death while bringing the Eucharist to prisoners. Could find no trace of the Eucharist after he died

    Went to Heaven at age:

  • Name: St. LucyBorn: 270 A.D.?Known for: Losing eyes in defending her consecrated virginity. Guards couldnt lift her even with oxen (were trying to force her into prostitution). Stabbed to death with a dagger. Patroness of eye troubles.Went to Heaven at age: 13?

  • Name: St. AgnesBorn: 290 A.D.Known for: Refusing to worship false gods, stripped but her Heavenly Spouse protected her. Probably stabbed in the throat. Name means lamb. Mentioned in First Eucharistic PrayerWent to Heaven at age: 13?

  • Name: St. Catherine of AlexandriaBorn: 278 A.D.?Known for: Confounding Roman emperors philosophers with her knowledge, converting them (they died as martyrs), attempted death on a spiked wheel (it flew apart and killed persecutors), finally beheaded.Went to Heaven at age: 18

  • Name: St. Elizabeth of HungaryBorn: 1207Known for: Princess who gave up her wealth to feed the poor, story that her husband intercepted her but the loaves she was carrying turned to roses. Died poor and rejected by her family.Went to Heaven at age: 24

  • Name: St. Rose of ViterboBorn: 1234Known for: Franciscan, preached penance to people of Viterbo, miraculous powers from age 3, stood for three hours on a burning pyre, died a natural deathWent to Heaven at age: 17

  • Name: Bl. ImeldaBorn: 1322Known for: Lived with Dominican sisters, wanted first communion before 14, host suspended over her head, died in thanksgiving after MassWent to Heaven at age: 11

  • Name: St. Joan of ArcBorn: 1412Known for: Seeing visions leading her to lead France to independence from Britain, burned at stake for charges of heresy (cleared 23 years later)Went to Heaven at age: 19

  • Name: St. Aloysius GonzagaBorn: 1568Known for: Patron of Catholic youth signed away inheritance to become a Jesuit, died caring for the sick during a plagueWent to Heaven at age: 23

  • Name: St. Dominic SavioBorn: 1842Known for: Patron of Youth, saying, Death, but not sin. Wanted to be priest, but health prevented. Friendly to all, student of St. John BoscoWent to Heaven at age: 15

  • Name: St. Therese of the Child Jesus Born: 1873Known for: Going to the Pope to ask to become a Carmelite at age 15, developing her little way of love to Heaven, showering roses on earth as sign of answered prayers. Died of tuberculosis (and love)Went to Heaven at age: 24

  • Name: St. Maria Goretti Born: 1890Known for: Being stabbed 14 times while defending her purity from a 19-year old assailant. Forgave him and later appeared to him in prison with 14 lilies, converting him. He was at her canonization with her mother.Went to Heaven at age: 12

  • Name: St. Gemma GalganiBorn: 1878Known for: Humility and closeness to God, having the stigmata, seeing her guardian angel. Passionist tertiaryWent to Heaven at age: 25

  • Name: Bl. Laura VicunaBorn: 1891Known for: Sent to school to avoid mothers abusive boyfriend, offered her life in exchange for her mothers conversion. Child of Mary (Sodality)Went to Heaven at age: 12

  • Name: Sts. Francisco and Jacinta MartoBorn: 1908, 1910Known for: Doing penance for sinners, seeing our Lady of FatimaWent to Heaven at age: 11, 10

  • Name: Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati Born: 1901Known for: Helping the poor, mountain climber, regular college kid. Went to Heaven at age: 24

  • Note to teacherAt this point all you need to do is practice so that it flows with the song. The first slide has a couple of things in it.

    Song Holiness by Sonic Flood.

  • Holiness . . .Holiness . . .Dear Jesus,I love you so much.Thank you for loving me more than I can ever imagineever deserve.Help me, Jesus, because I want to love you more Todayso that I can be happy with you in eternity - FOREVER

  • is what I long for

  • Holiness is what I need

  • Holiness, holinessis what You want from me

  • Holiness . . .Holiness . . .

  • is what I long for

  • Holiness is what I need

  • Holiness, holinessis what You want from me

  • So take my heart . . . and form it

  • So take my mind . . . Transform it

  • Take my will, conform it . ..

  • To yours, to yours, O Lord

  • To yours, to yours, O Lord