the anti-hero love to hate him or hate to love him?

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  • The Anti-Hero Love to hate him OR hate to love him?
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  • What is an anti-hero? An anti-hero is a protagonist who typically lacks the traditional traits and qualities of a hero, such as trustworthiness, courage, and honesty. Unorthodox in actions acts contrary to societys standards.
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  • Qualities: Will have the readers sympathyalthough this is sometimes difficult for us! Is imperfect/ has imperfections Has inner demons we learn about these during the course of the story Is often a screw-up, outsider, or loner
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  • Qualities: Rebels/ struggles with good and bad Riddled with paradoxical traits ex: is a loner, but also seeks friendship Often will voluntarily help the innocent/ weak
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  • And the badliterally: They arent role models are selfish are motivated by self interest or self preservation often make bad choices because its easier will embody bad behaviors when wronged will show little remorse for bad behavior
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  • Anti-Hero vs. Traditional Hero Common traits: Both are protagonists whose actions drive the story Neither is perfecteven the traditional hero will have a flaw You will sympathize with both
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  • Differences: The anti-hero : Has no moral code Is ordinary/ realistic Is rarely successful Battles are primarily within HIMSELF Is usually bad
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  • Hemingway Hero/Anti-Hero World View: The world has lost its values (the war) and as a result many people, too, have lost their values In a world without values, the universe may appear to be without purpose, order, or meaning God often appears to be absent or nonexistent Social institutions, including religion, are not always reliable and should be approached with skepticism
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  • Assignment: DUE TODAY Choose 2 characters from popular culture today (TV, movies, cartoons, novels, etc) that fit the definition and traits of an anti-hero. Tell me about each character. (Pretend that I dont know the character) Explain elements of their personality/ behavior that make each an anti-hero. Please refer to specifics from this PowerPoint. Be ready to talk about these characters tomorrow.