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as a token of affection for a mother, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, sister, son, daughter-in-law


<ul><li><p>What Is The Meaning Of A Promise Ring? </p><p>The idea of rings as a symbol of a relationship is nothing new. People have worn rings for thousandsof years, at times for body adornment or decoration, while at other times for a symbolic reason. Todaypeople continue to wear rings as symbols, most notably of love. Because the ring is round and neverending, it bears a resemblance to how people feel when they are in a committed relationship withanother. Thus the idea of promise rings comes into play. Promise rings for men and women makefantastic gifts for the lover's holiday, Valentine's Day, which is coming up soon.Promise rings for men and women may also be considered by some to be pre-engagement rings. Ifyou are in a monogamous relationship with your significant other, you may want to commemorate thisValentine's Day with a ring that shows you care.This type of ring may also be given as a ring prior to the engagement ring. What this type of ringsymbolizes is that the couple agrees to not have romantic relationships with others, and later as theirrelationship grows and develops, the plan is to move to an actual engagement ring.There are all types of relationships for which you may want to give a ring as a present. Giving a ringas a token of affection for a mother, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, sister, son, daughter-in-lawor grandmother is a lovely way of sharing your love with the important people in your life. Promiserings, however, are given to pay special honor to a romantic relationship, making them different fromother types of relationship rings.The rings may be made of gold or silver, and adorned in different ways. Jewels are common, anddiamonds and other precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds are beautiful when usedin this manner. The gemstones may also represent the birthstones for the couple. Sometimes theband of the ring is also inscribed with the names of the couple, or another short sentiment. The ringmay also epitomize the relationship by utilizing a heart-shaped design.You can find a large selection of these and other fashion rings when you visit an online finecollectibles merchant. </p><p>Click Here for Great Deals on Loose Colored Gemstones</p></li></ul>