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What do we do?. Advocate p olicies for improved campus and community resources. Connect w ith graduate and professional students both socially and intellectually across disciplines. GPSF. Collaborate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Graduate and Professional Student Federation (GPSF) at UNC

What do we do?GPSFAdvocatepolicies for improved campus and community resources

Collaborateto create policies that respond to the particular needs and interests of all graduate and professional students.

Connectwith graduate and professional students both socially and intellectually across disciplines.

Just say something here about in general what we do for the graduate student body.If students are interested in learning details, they can look up what was discussed at each of our meetings by pulling up the minutes from the GPSF website (http://gpsf.unc.edu)2Funding: GPSFs activities are funded by the Student Government Activities Fee assessed to ALL students; we receive 25% of the fee revenuesMembership: All fee paying graduate & professional students are members! Thus, YOU are able to participate in all GPSF eventsMoney & MembershipHolding a position: The President and members of Student Congress are elected; all other positions appointed pending application

Tell students that theyre already paying for it, so they might as well get involved and have fun at our events!3The Structure of GPSFLegislativeExecutiveJudicialSenateCongressCabinetExecutive BoardExternal AppointmentsHonor CourtExecutive:Executive Board and GPSF CabinetAdvocates on behalf of the interests of the graduate and professional student body

Legislative:GPSF Senate: members from all graduate and professional programs at UNCAllocates student feesCreates legislation that reflects the interests of the community

Judicial:Graduate Honor CourtAcademic violations (i.e. plagiarism, cheating)Conduct violations (e.g. drug possession, DUI).

The senate needs someone from every department can look up each departments senators on our website (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqHQHWrHewW8dDNGcllQcWhESlYxNGtGVkJiaURjckE&pli=1#gid=0)If your senator shows up to all the meetings, your department gets money at the end of the year (money is allocated based on department size). Departments can use this money for anything.Before giving your presentation, check if the department has a senator. If they do, tell the students his/her name. If they dont, encourage them to volunteer to become a senator!4GPSF Cabinet: who to contacthttps://gpsf.unc.edu/gpsf-resources/cabinet/Cabinet PositionRepresentativeAcademic policyRashmi PatelAnel JaramilloCampus and Personal SafetySteven OttoCity and local relationsDustin RawlingsDiversity/LGBTIQJP BalmonteCassandra HartblayHealth policyNikhil TomarManasi KulkarniInformation technologySrividya KalyanaramanInternational student advocateUpoma GuhaLegislative affairsKatie LavoieOutreach CoordinatorChaitanya PuranikCabinet PositionRepresentativePublic ServiceFatima ManzoorMentoring ChairAmanda KeelerTransportationJesse CohnSocialBrandon BoyleSpecial projectsJustin McNabbStudent Family AdvocateLindsey WallaceStudent professional developmentKatie WalkerStudent Opportunity AdvocateJustin JohnsonSustainabilityAleksandra RebekaTA/RA AdvocateTaylor LivingstonMatthew HaynesMost of the titles are pretty self explanatory, but if they have specific questions, info is on the website (direct them to last slide).You dont need to spend a lot of time here, but just give them an idea of all of the GPSF positions and that GPSF helps advocate on many different issues5Past GPSF-sponsored social and educational eventsGPSF Grad Games

SocialsService ProjectsUniversity Research Day

Socials: Friday Night Socials, international student happy hours, ice cream socials

University Research Day: venue for students to present their research to the UNC community; in February

Service Projects: Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, Ronald McDonald, holiday food drive (can castle)

Grad Games: games for graduate students during orientation; fun get-to-know people activities

GPSF forum: Open-source tool for graduate students to share:General questionsItems for saleJob listingsLocal recommendations (housing, childcare, doctors, etc)6Funding ResourcesTravel AwardsSenate AppropriationsSocial Budget

GPSF Resourceswww.gpsf.unc.com

Student Life ResourcesGPSF NewsletterGradAlert!GPSF Resource GuideTravel Awards Available for all graduate and professional students; can use it once every 2 yrs. Theres money for about 20-30 people every application cycle, and theres usually about 30 applications per cycle. Application cycles are quarterly.

Senate Appropriations Departments can ask senate for money for events (ex: bringing in a guest speaker or hosting a social event). Need to justify your budget well and youll usually get approved. Senate is more willing to fund events that are interdepartmental. Also willing to help you get in touch with other departments.

Student Life Resources Newsletters go out 1/month during summer, 2/month during school yearGradAlert is the major things/info***GPSF Resource Guide*** - Make sure to mention this! This document has all sorts of info to help students get situated (healthcare/insurance, stuff to do in the area, financial stuff, transportation, etc.). They will get hard copies at the whole Grad School Orientation, but they can also see it online now at http://gpsf.unc.edu/student-resources/gpsf-resource-guide/.7getting involvedYour program Senator: https://gpsf.unc.edu/gpsf-resources/senate/Outreach Coordinator: Chaitanya Puranik (cpuranik@email.unc.edu)Cabinet: https://gpsf.unc.edu/gpsf-resources/cabinet/Honor Court: https://gpsf.unc.edu/gpsf-resources/graduate-honor-court/

Look up specific senator to tell them his/her name, or tell them if they dont have a senator: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqHQHWrHewW8dDNGcllQcWhESlYxNGtGVkJiaURjckE&pli=1#gid=0

Chaitanya Puranik = general person to contact as a liaison between GPSF and departments. Good to start with him first if they have questions/comments/problems8welcome to theUNC!!!




UNC GPSFMake sure you told students whether or not they have a senator (if you havent told them already)Encourage students to Like or at least check out our Facebook pageRemind students that GPSF is here to help them, so if they have any questions/issues/comments they should contact us!9