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  • 1. We are what we doWe must bethe change wewant to see inthe worldGandhi

2. You will have to be a Superhero Your generation willbe the most importanteverIn 40 years time theworlds oil will haverun out In 60 years, therainforests - the lungslogoblog.orgof the world - will allhave been destroyed 3. 134 Bags a Year!Every person in thecountry uses anaverage of 134 plasticbags every year Thats 8,000,000,000bags a year in the UKIf Henry VIII put a bagin the soil in 1506 itwould just be rottingnow. 4. A Bright Idea An Energy-SavingLight-Bulb uses justone quarter of theelectricity of ordinarylight-bulbs. They also last 10times longer. 300 saved by justone light-bulb! 5. Chewing Gum in the UK 35p to buy a pack,15p to clear it upIt costs 150 millionpounds to clear up allthe chewing gum thatpeople dont put in thebin 150 million wouldbuild 3 new hospitals,or employ 8,500teachers 6. Fair Price for a Fair TradeMuch of the food weeat is grown by thepoorest people in theworld For every 20p youspend on a bananaonly 1p goes to theperson who grew it FairTrade ensuresthat farmers get afairer price 7. Brushing Your Teeth Only 3% of the Earthswater is drinkableMost of us leave the tap onwhilst cleaning our teeth This wastes 9 litres of watera minuteMany people in poorcountries use only 10 litresin a whole day for all theirneeds 8. Future Facts about Water By 2025, 52countries, with two-thirds of the worldspopulation, are likelyto have watershortages It is predicted thatmost 21st Centurywars will be foughtover water not oil orreligion 9. Trees One tree providesenough oxygen fortwo peopleTropical Rainforestscover just 2% ofEarths land surface Every two secondswe lose an area ofrainforest the size of afootball field 10. The Death of Planet Earth? By 2025 half theremaining rainforests willbe gone; by 2060 theywill have gone foreverWe will lose half the plantand animal species onearth This is the largest massextinction since thedemise of the dinosaurs 11. What can I do? Dont waste water Use energy savinglight bulbs Switch things offwhen not in use Reduce, reuse,recycle your rubbishUse less plastic bags Try to buy FairTrade Tiki.oneworld.netPlant a treeImages from Mayflower Search