pandemic influenza: what do we know, what should we do?

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Pandemic Influenza: What do we know, what should we do? . Elizabeth L. McClure, MD, MPH AHC Office of Emergency Response Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy CIDRAP University of Minnesota. Seasonal Influenza. Pandemic Influenza. What creates a pandemic?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Pandemic Influenza: What do we know, what should we do?

    Elizabeth L. McClure, MD, MPHAHC Office of Emergency ResponseCenter for Infectious Disease Research and Policy CIDRAPUniversity of Minnesota

  • Seasonal InfluenzaPandemic Influenza

  • What creates a pandemic? Novel virus: No population immunity Cause serious disease_ Transmitted person to person

  • Influenza Pandemics in the 20th Century1918: Spanish Flu 1957: Asian Flu1969: Hong Kong Flu Seasonal influenza strains are pandemic strains of years past

  • Avian Influenza and Human InfluenzaAll human influenza viruses arise from avian viruses Sometimes humans become victims of an avian virus strain through close contact with birdsAvian influenza viruses may evolve into new strains capable of infecting humans

  • Avian InfluenzaDisease of domestic poultry with a origin in migratory birdsH5N1classificationCan infect mammals including humansMortality rate of >60% in humansDont count on seasonal respite

  • Control Strategies: Birds

    SurveillanceVaccinationQuarantineStamping out

  • Problems.Asia is too bigLots of pressure for mutation: over thirteen billion chickens in China aloneMost chickens live in backyard flocksLack of compensation for sick/dead animalsPeople must choose hunger vs. disease controlRecent successes or too soon to tell?

  • H5N1 in Humans: The Beginning

    * origin of H5N1 Hong Kong 1997

  • Avian flu and people

  • Planning AssumptionsRisk of an influenza pandemic in the future: 100%H5N1?: UnknownSusceptibility will be universalPlanning will be based on severity of illnessViral Illness:Incubation 1-4 daysPersons may be infectious before signs of illnessPandemic will occur in waves6-8 weeksMultiple waves may occur over 18months-2 years

  • Dont worryweve got a plan!

    The YOYO strategy

  • Infection Control: Basic ToolsVaccineAntivirals

  • Social Distancing Maneuvers

    Close schoolsKeep children at homeSocial distancing in workplaceLiberal leave policiesHome isolation and quarantinePersonal Preparedness

  • ConcernsCommunities must be ready to implement measures rapidly sustain reasonable compliance There is lack of traction for personal and community based preparedness efforts

  • Is there anything good about the bird flu scare??Modernize vaccine production techniquesImprove surveillance for animals and humansEmphasizes the importance of public healthModernizes outbreak or disaster communication systemsEncourages citizens to be prepared for all hazards

  • DiscussionImportant websitesCDC: www.cdc.govFederal Government:www.pandemicflu.govFed Volunteer: www.ready.govWorld Health Organization: www.who.intCIDRAP:


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