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the concept of Web Vitality explained through 5 key facts !


  • What aboutWeb Vitality#5 key facts

  • All companies have up and down periods during their activity#1 Up & down

  • Wrong times :(#1 Up & down

  • Clust, Alapage, Lycos

  • #1 Up & downGood times ;)

  • Google, Facebook, Twitter

  • All these companies have one point in common : the care care about their users feedback#1 Up & down

  • The effectiveness does not depend on the size of the business but the professionalism of the men who compose it

    (Didier Mriaux, French good guy !)#2 Best ideas could come from your team !

  • Regarding their positions, all your team members are naturraly awake around their know-how#2 Best ideas could come from your team !

  • By example, Google employees have 20% freetime job to work on personal projectsMore about brand-utility ?#2 Best ideas could come from your team !

  • #3 You are not alone on the market OMG !!Gosh, Im not the only one company to provide this service

  • #3 You are not alone on the market OMG !!Whats the difference between my offer and an other one ?

  • #3 You are not alone on the market OMG !!What are my customers needs and how to satisfy them?

  • #3 You are not alone on the market OMG !!Are you sure to listen the feedback of my customers ?

  • #3 You are not alone on the market OMG !!Are my partners the good ones?

  • #4 Tools to reach your objectivesRegarding your objectives, you have to select a suitable tool !

  • #4 Tools to reach your objectivesVisibilityAds, SEO, SEM, optin,

  • #4 Tools to reach your objectivesAcquiringmailing, games, clic factory,

  • #4 Tools to reach your objectivesUser experiencedesign, usibility, user testing

  • #4 Tools to reach your objectivesEngage conversationfeedback platform, FanPage Facebook, Twitter

  • #5 So What is Web Vitality ?Webmarketing WebvitalityStrategic marketingPerformance analysisTraffic acquiringLoyalty

    }Results of marketing campaign+Perception of your identity & loyalty by fans or users

  • #5 So What is Web Vitality ?The expression of ideas and on the internet ! resources which allow you to increase your identity and your visibility

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