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A look at SoLoMo with an emphasis on Location .


  • 1. TitleSubtitle#SoLoMo - Leveraging Social,Location and Mobile toincrease revenues or lowerthe cost of business.November 2010@ShannonEastman

2. Contents: SoLoMo in my perspective SoLoMo Players SoLoMo Trends SoLoMo Behaviour SoLoMo Marketing SoLoMo and Privacy Brands and SoLoMoSuccess Biggest Opportunities@ShannonEastman 3. SoLoMo location in my perspective: End User Merchants & Brands Mobile App (game) lets me check-in to Mobile App allows me to connect end users with physical locations alerting my community the Point Of Purchase (POP) where I can promote,What isto my location, sometimes activity and sell, acquire data.it?opening me up to perks. 2. Im here. If I return enough, my2. In app advertisingHow do Istatus will get me cool stuff.3. Time + Location + POP = Promotionuse it?3. I leave comments and photos of my 4. Acquire reviews, feedback, consumer dataexperience at locations. Promote trials, attract new audience 4. I check out what my friends have5. Group of users check-in to a location, groupbeen doing and when they wereof users all receive deal.here last.6. Digital Loyalty, CRM integration: more times 5. I can have fun with the purchases Iyou check in, better the deal.make and the places I visit through 7. Cross promote, Make suggestions based ongaming end user history.8. Community engagement! Im covering this event what should I ask them?9. Charity. Check in to location and location makes a donation to charity.It makes Foursquare into a kind of real world Pop-Up Video. -TechCrunch@ShannonEastman 4. @ShannonEastman 5. Bigger SoLoMo Players:What is it: Privacy Settings: Total Users: FoursquareFoursquare is a location-6.5 million based mobile platform that http://foursquare.com/pri users as of makes cities easier to use vacy/ February and more interesting to2011. explore.Some statssuggest7.5million Facebook Placesusers. (Place page)Facebook feature to: http://www.facebook.com 30 million see where your friends are /settings/?users share your locationtab=privacy Source: See who is nearby BusinesIns Tell friends places you ider.comvisit, reviews Read your friends reviews@ShannonEastman 6. The Smartphone is here to stay:100.9m Smartphones Estimated sales ofvs. 92.1m PCsSmartphones by end- Sold Q4, 2010 2011 = 500 million>28 million expected15 million iPads sold to be sold in 2011. in 2010. 1 million iPad 2s were sold in firstthree days of launch.@ShannonEastman 7. Smartphone market in The EU: 8@ShannonEastman 8. But who uses SoLoMo? Since Facebook Places launched in August Foursquares registeredusers have doubled to 7.5 million2 According to a recent survey, 39% of social network users whoown a mobile internet device use SoLoMo-location3 In the same survey 19.2% of respondents said they usedSoLoMo-location to let friends know where they were at leastdaily. 15% Checked in at locations daily There are, however, still widespread concerns over the loss ofprivacy, hacking issues and other safety issues. Women tend to bemore worried than men; older users more than younger ones@ShannonEastman 9. Smartphones AND SoLoMo apps: Top Five Free AppsSoLoMo Apps in TopMarketshare TenFacebook,28% Apple iOSPandoraGoogle MobileShazamFlixster AndroidKindle AppLayar Relality Browser 27%AugRePlaces Directory*Neither app allows you to check-in@ShannonEastman 10. Mobile user behaviour:% Share of browser and applicationusers@ShannonEastman 11. Mobile user behaviour:@ShannonEastman 12. Mobile user behaviour:@ShannonEastman 13. SoLoMo Marketing in practice:Source: Crunchbase, CNET @ShannonEastman 14. @ShannonEastman 15. The 21st century loyalty cardThe Loyalty Card The 21st Century Loyalty CardAfter good customer service (34%)SoLoMo-location allows loyalty and POSrelevant personalised rewards (30%) )rewards that are SoLoMographicallywere cited as the aspect most likely totailored to a customers needsencourage people to spend more196% of UK population belong to a rewardNow brands can get involved in loyaltyscheme. 64% belong to 3 or more. These schemes in a way that has only reallyare largely shop and supermarket-based been open to shops and supermarkets upschemes1 until nowUK consumers feel that loyalty rewards SoLoMo is fun, its social. In toughare more valuable in a recession. 90% of economic times this game element toUK adults now use recession-bustingpurchase can be an important incentiveshopping strategies when shopping1@ShannonEastman 16. Social gaming and SoLoMo In December 2010, Farmville and Cityville received a combined130 million monthly visitors 10 And social gaming is not exclusive to teens and young males. Thebiggest audience for social gaming is actually mothers in their 30sand 40s Among the new features on Foursquare 3.0 is an improvedcompetitive gaming element with friends:A game to compete with friends where points can be earned for a number of different activities (check-ins, trying new things, meeting up with old friends)Businesses will now be able to offer Special deals to Swarms, Groupsof friends, Regulars, Newbies, Mayors, or simply to everyone New SoLoMo-gaming initiatives are appearing all the time. A newway of interacting with a sophisticated 21st Century consumer@ShannonEastman 17. Social buying and SoLoMo In tough economic times consumers are seeking bargains andlooking for innovative and economic ways to shop Groupon, the social buying site, has grown its subscriber base toover 50 million users11 Facebook Deals, a tie-in with Facebook Places, launched inNovember of 2010 offers the benefits of Groupon but usingSoLoMo-location to target the offers Foursquare 3.0 has also introduced a new, more social, tab tohelp consumers find new places to shop and brands to purchase.Tailored suggestions are based on where friends have eaten,whats popular with other users, day of the week etc.@ShannonEastman 18. Brands and SoLoMo success:How:How:How:Earn barista badges after Tips on Foursquare that Create incentives for users tochecking in to five different share historical facts upon explore campus, rate stores,storescheck-in, lead to exclusive restaurants, other venuesNational $1 Frappuccino for offers and a chance to winMayorsWhy:Why:Engage w/ friends,Why:Creating brand awareness professors and colleagues inAcquire customer feedbackto support new TV seriesnew ways Rewards loyal customers Benefit studentsResults:Results:Campaign is ongoing andResults:Increase in Check-Ins at results as yet unknownHarvard claims itsStarbucks locations ofcommunity now engages50%12 with friends, professors,and colleagues in newways 13@ShannonEastman 19. Biggest opportunities with SoLoMo: Reaching consumerswhen theyre next to thePoint of Purchase Convergence of data:Suggestions based onprevious history. If yourebuying this, this goes withthat, QR code. Rate.Recommend. Share. Marketer conducts saleswithout consumer talkingto a sales person@ShannonEastman 20. SoLoMo today:Places you might like recommendations based Location based chat. on previous check-inhistory Apps to compliment UGC to share at check-in. Eg.Auto check-insInstagram allows users topost photos to check-ins. Location Based2millions users in 4.5 Engagement months.@ShannonEastman 21. Consider this:2. Do we fully appreciate what the user really wants?4. Should we be rewarding check-ins? Or should we be rewarding something tied to profit?6. What happens to your targeted marketing when proximity joins the party? Is the consumer that happens to be nearby someone you would typically target? If not, do we care?8. There are buckets of customers not checking in. SoLoMo can be part of a campaign to address a segment, but lets remind ourselves that not all customers are checking-in.@ShannonEastman 22. Shannon Eastman Managing DirectorThank you. 077 2031 2585 @ShannonEastman Shannon@tcsdigitalworld.com www.Linkedin.com/in/ShannonEastman@ShannonEastman 23. 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