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Proposal for a complete, open source, system of learning that anyone can contribute to. Based on modules of one week, with creative output, and peer-reviewed. Introduce concept of Babits and Badgels (open badges) Proposal to test this out as a DEB submission for Brighton Digital Festival


1. Welcome to the BadgeLaureate * Richard Vahrman LocoMatrix (* means there are notes) 2. Welcome to what? A BadgeLaureate is a record of a persons collection of badges - called BadgeLs * A BadgeL is awarded for completing a BaBit A Babit = module of study typically lasting 5 days 4 days of the Babit are spent in research/study and a 1 day creation based on that study * Babits are peer-reviewed. You either pass or are deferred until you meet criteria If deferred, you can be mentored until you pass 3. When do you pass the BadgeLaureate? Never! What? Thats right. The BadgeLaureate is an on-going record of your achievements and you can do as few or as many as you like over the course of a lifetime Do BaBits as and when you feel like it Follow lines of BaBits based on interests or recommendations (or LPS?)* 4. Who can write a BaBit? Anyone! Wont that tend to make them low quality? No: they will rise or fall in value according to how many people use them and how they are rated But there will be provision for BaBits to be added to/improved upon This is done via addition to course materials * There will be a life cycle and ultimately a BaBit will die as others become more popular 5. How much do BaBits cost? Its possible that people will charge for them But it is imagined that the most popular will be free and crowd-created, or adapted and improved 6. Give me an example First idea for a BaBit Codes for Kids Will include: Introduction with Scratch HTML Raspberry Pi basics Programming with the Pi with Python Creative part will be students own program 7. More examples The history of badges (self-referential!) Where I am my town in space and time GPS creating a location-based-game * 8. Also for BaBits can also be awarded for other activities or have an equivalence Examples such as achievements in a sport or music (c.f. Martial arts belts or music grade) 9. Extra BadgeLs For merit For mentoring Volunteering (cf Duke of Edinburgh award) For 1000 hits on YouTube 10. When will it be available? Planning to test a few BaBits during the Brighton Digital Festival (Sept 2013) This will be as part of a weeks school testing proposal for a free school * Part of a bid for IC Tomorrow competition 11. Why do a BadgeLaureate? Part of Education 3.0 thinking * Fits in with 5 principles for better learning Education for life Personalised Learning Creative Mentored Fun Also with 5 stages of learning (next slide) 12. 5 stages of learning * Boot-strappers - all you need for self-managed learners Cubs learning is play/learning is fun Explorers learning by finding out Makers learning by making (big projects) Apprentices learning by working 13. Similarity to Baccalaureate1. They sound similar2. Er thats it 14. Differences EBacc (English Baccalaureate) made up of modules called GCSEs and A levels Module are studied for up to 2 years at the end of which you have to reproduce things you have learnt in an exam If you fail an exam, you have to resit at a later stage (6 months) or maybe you just fail The main difference is that the EBacc has been cancelled* the Badgelaureate is just about to take off 15. Will it happen? Not proposing it as an alternative to school Yet Could be part of our free school programme Could be interesting for home learners Its happening in other ways already Khan Academy MOOCs This will standardise, formalise and put it into handy, bite-size chunks