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WeGO member city officers Training Program


  • 1. Mr. Abdul Fikri Ridzauudin Bin Abdullah Miss Rohana Bt Mohamed Kassim

2. SEBERANG PERAI Located in the Northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. A part of Penang & also known as mainland. Area : 738 sq km. The biggest Local Council in Malaysia & South East Asia Population : 815,767 people (2013) 3. CORPORATE ISSUES Rapid Development - Increase Volume of Work Inconsistance Data -Data Obtains from Various Source Make a Decision -Fast Information for Analysys 4. Budget Constrains Skilled Workers System Upgrading & Maintainance Data Sharing G2G Easy Retrival of Information Inovation of Management 5. Development and Usage 6. MPSP GIS has been developed since year 2004 with the cost RM500,000. Department of Town Planning accountable to handle GIS system at MPSP In 2005, under T29 MyGDI Project, MPSP GIS has been cooperating with Penang State Department of Town and Country Planning, Penang Municipal Council and Penang GIS ( PeGIS) to develop a comprehensive data and will be continuously updated. 7. TO PROVIDE A COMPREHENSIVE GEOSPATIAL DATABASE DATA SHARING GOVERNMENT TO GOVERNMENT MISSION VISION 8. Facilitating the Streamlining of All Forms of Spatial Data Implementation in Administration, Management and Maintenance For the Entire Administrative Region 9. To develop a geographic information system that is able to present data, process, analyse and consequently produce the required output. The enquiry function is developed to facilitate quicker access to information for the management as compared to a manual process To provide a spatial data (base map) that can be connected to the database systems from other departments To display graphical landuse information by using the layer concept and being able to see the changes periodically by selecting each layer Switching the manual system to a digital system to facilitate the input of data, update and maintenance that more systematic 10. Spatial Database Mpsp Gis Map Browser General User Mpsp Gis Map Browser Register User Local Plan EIS Map Browser Website One Stop Centre - Planning Approval e- Meeting Appeal e-Meeting Others Provide & Sales GIS Plan Raster Image - Satelite Image & Aerial Photo) 11. GISINTOWNPLANNING 12. Development Plans Structure Plans Local Plans Zoning Checking & Verification Planning Control Planning Control According to Allocated Zoning To Ensure That Application for Planning Permission is Accordance to Planning Guideline Development Enforcement Construction without planning permission Enforcement towards building change of use 13. GISMAPBROWSER 14. MPSPGIS ~THEFUTURE 15. CENTRALIZE/ INTERGRATION DATABASE 3D DATA IMAGE DATA SHARING WITH OUTSIDE DEPARTMENT