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Zenithcinematography aims record best cinematic Wedding videos and your fun, emotional, breathtaking moments from your precious moments. zenithcinematography having expertise to shoot Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Greek weddings.


  • 1. Zenith Cinematography are committed to creating a cinematic wedding film that you will want to watch over and not another boring wedding video. Our wedding videography production approach is unobtrusive as we understand you have better things to worry about on your wedding day.
  • 2. This is our story From a one person doing videography to award winning international cinematographers
  • 3. David started shooting weddings on his own a few years back and soon realized that there were two things really missing in the wedding industry: Good cinematic wedding films that would capture the day in a compelling manner and a company that was offering a professional service that went beyond a husband and wife team working together from their home. From its humble beginnings with David editing in his bedroom to having a full team of professionals working at Zenith, the idea was always the same: to form a team capable of telling a story visually that was equally good on the creative side as on the technical side and a company that was professional in every way with focus on pleasing the customer.
  • 4. For us, each aspect of the production, from the moment you book us until you receive your film has been thought out to make your experience an enjoyable process. Our films are about you, your story, your day. We are non-obtrusive and not pose your guests, but rather capture the day as it unfolds in the most cinematic way possible. Now, a few years down the road, we are proud to have achieved our goals in this sector and to have been commissioned to film in some of Londons best venues. We have travelled all around Europe and even as far as India to bring our creativity and expertise to couples who enjoy what we can do for them and their day.
  • 5. We have done most denominations and types of weddings but we mainly specialize in: Muslim weddings Sikh weddings Hindu weddings Greek weddings Jewish weddings Nigerian weddings
  • 6. Muslim Wedding
  • 7. Sikh Wedding
  • 8. Hindu Wedding
  • 9. Greek Wedding
  • 10. Jewish Wedding
  • 11. Nigerian Wedding
  • 12. Zenith Cinematography goes beyond you typical videography. We are filmmakers, storytellers, passionate people just like you. We are eager to make a compelling wedding film you will want to watch over and over and not a boring wedding video. We often work in London, Essex, Surrey, Leicester and Kent but we are happy to travel all around the world to tell your story. We can't wait to meet you! Chat with us: 01342 410 161 follow us: @zenithcinema Like us: Contact us: