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  1. 1. Every Wedding Should Have a Videographer
  2. 2. Growing up in Toronto the wedding capital of the world, we all had the perfect image of a wedding, the big day with the big gown and a big cake in front of a big crowd. I know, coming from Toronto the choices are endless which makes it easier. No, coming from Toronto with endless choices makes it difficult to choose. Looking or the best wedding videographer in Toronto is hard. Looking for pastry chefs and venue planner is harder, but all of this had to be done.
  3. 3. But that was long ago, traditional weddings are out of the picture and out of the box weddings are in. So as bridal cars are out and bridal motorcycles are in. So as church weddings are out and outdoor weddings are in and photographers are out and videographers are in.
  4. 4. Reliving the moment Sure a photographer would do the same, but those were just bleak moments of your special day. How about the whole picture? You cannot just relive that day with bleak moments and just fill in the gaps in between. What about those moments that were too fast the camera could not capture it. What about when the maid of honor sneezed while walking, it would surely be a good pun in the future but without enough proof no one would believe you. Sure pictures are great treasures, but what about showing to your great grandchildren how your wedding day actually happened, how your forever actually came to life. This will help your grandchildren connect with you and perhaps maybe it could be a family heirloom that could be passed on from generations to generations.
  5. 5. Everything moves In actual reality, all of the events in a wedding actually move. The first dance, the walk down the aisle, the sweet messages from the people who are very important to you, the moment your wedding song is played. All of that could not be captured by a simple click of the camera. Also with the tons of guest that you have it would be impossible for you to have a moment with them. The video could be a bridge that would maybe record them singing, crying or giving you a wonderful and heartfelt message.
  6. 6. Videos are forever Unlike any souvenirs, videos will last until the end of time. It could be uploaded to your social media accounts for you to share or stream it while watching it with friends. It can never fade and be tinted away. Videos are here to stay.
  7. 7. Find your best wedding videographer in Toronto here: http://www.focusproduction.com