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1. P: 416 953 9090 E: 2. Wedding photographers should tell your story, not simply snap your picture. Our small collective of photographers believe this to our cores. Our job (and our passion) is to tell a story by capturing the moments that make your wedding uniquely yours. 3. Photographers and videographers, please send us: A link to your portfolio and/or a dozen of your top photographs or top video. An explanation of what makes you, uniquely you.If we dig your vibe well give you a shot! 4. While we maintain a tight-knit group of experienced and talented Toronto wedding photographers we are constantly on the lookout for experienced and budding talent. 5. When we add new wedding videographers to our family we look for integral team members who can not only film and edit flawless wedding videos, but also interact with the our clients and friends in a way that is somewhere between wow and I barely even knew they were filming. 6. Je T'aime Wedding Studios 51 Wolseley St, Toronto Ontario M5T 1A4, Canada P: 416-953-9090 E: W: