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  • Wedding and Reception Music

  • Wedding and Reception MusicTraditional Indian wedding is said to be incomplete without the right selection of wedding music. Right from the arrival ceremony to the final farewell, several recommendations of songs are available online. Wedding music energizes the atmosphere and also inspires the people present to get up and hit the dance floor. The points which must be kept in mind while finalizing the music for weddings have been summarized here. It completely depends on us what atmosphere we want to create in the wedding, depending on which the most appropriate wedding music list needs to be prepared.Page 2 of 8

  • Wedding and Reception MusicFinding the Best DJ or Most Suitable Wedding Music Band

    Selection of the DJ or band plays a very crucial role. Try to make use of your firsthand knowledge while selecting the best DJ for your wedding. Try to remember the DJs of the weddings you have recently attended or ask your family and friends for reference or try searching online.

    Size of the Venue where Music will be played

    The size of the room where the wedding music will be played must be Page 3 of 8

  • Wedding and Reception Musicconsidered while selecting the orchestra for your wedding.

    Cost of Music Arrangements

    The cost of the DJ and other music arrangements depends on the city of the venue, the number of artists who will be performing, the type of instruments and set up they will be using and the duration of the performance. Cost of DJ is always less than the cost of wedding bands. Music guitarist can be included along with the DJ to perform during recessions.Page 4 of 8

  • Wedding and Reception MusicOther music arrangements

    Indian wedding music needs to be very catchy and inspiring for the crowd to get up from their seats and hit the dance floor. Try to include all the peppy dance numbers and the wedding music list should include a variety of songs for all the wedding ceremonies which are to take place. Inform your DJ in advance if you want him to make announcements on the wedding day. Provide him the information about the family members and the wedding ceremonies which will be taking place. Inform him the timings for dinner call. In case there are going to be performances, let him know aboutPage 5 of 8

  • Wedding and Reception Musicthe timing and sequence of these.

    Make sure to give breaks to the DJ during the wedding party. Discuss with the DJ about how you would like to fill in this time. You can arrange some performances or even play filler music during the breaks. Make arrangements for their refreshments and other needs. To ensure smooth running of the show, make the music band feel comfortable.

    Make sure to discuss about the noise restrictions of your wedding reception venue with the site manager. Usually there are limits on the noise levels of the music depending upon the time of ..Page 6 of 8

  • Wedding and Reception Musicthe party. Let your DJ know about these restrictions.

    While booking the DJ or the music band make sure to inquire about the additional prices which will be charged by them in case the program lasts longer than expected. It is better to book the DJ for a longer time period and mention it in the contract so that the additional overtime charges can be avoided.Page 7 of 8

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