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  • Wedding Reception Music Dos And Donts

  • Wedding Reception Music Dos And DontsA wedding reception is the time to celebrate the love of two people. It is probably one of the most beautiful events in a couples life and so they put in their best efforts to make it larger than life. Dance and music are one of the most important parts of any wedding reception but before youre ready to groove on to the dance floor on your big day, you have to ensure the perfect wedding reception playlist. Here are some dos and donts for your wedding reception music.Page 2 of 8

  • Wedding Reception Music Dos And DontsDos

    The first important thing to keep in mind while deciding your wedding playlist is to consider both the bride and the grooms tastes and preferences. There might be many clashes in the genre of music but thats not a thing of worry as a number of wedding songs are expected to be played. Second important thing is to keep in mind the tastes of your relatives and guests as ultimately they are the ones wholl make your big day come alive. Dont forget to play some old classics for your elderly guests. You may also opt for a live DJ, Page 3 of 8

  • Wedding Reception Music Dos And Dontswedding guitarist or a wedding band as nothing can beat the real touch of a live performance. Also, consider using songs that celebrate your culture such as traditional Indian music for an Indian wedding. Remember its your big day and hence calling the best musicians you can afford becomes inevitable. You can also opt for classical remixes available online. Whatever songs you choose for your wedding music list, ensure that they match the theme and style of your wedding.

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  • Wedding Reception Music Dos And DontsDonts

    First and foremost tip is that dont hesitate to ask the valuable advice of a friend or relative who has recently tied the knot. They may also refer some great musicians in the town. Remember to plan for your wedding music well in time and do not leave it to the last minute as this would probably the raise the cost of calling a musician or DJ. Also, do not ask the wedding DJ to stick to a list of music as this would restrict his creativity. Make him aware of your musical taste and let him use his imagination to set the mood right. Almost all wedding venues have certainPage 5 of 8

  • Wedding Reception Music Dos And Dontsnoise restrictions and time restrictions and do not fail to adhere to them. Plan your wedding music in such a way that it starts with a high tempo and slows down towards the end of the reception. You can also ask your DJ to play a little over time if you expect your wedding ceremony to start a little late or go on a little longer.Page 6 of 8

  • Wedding Reception Music Dos And DontsWedding music budget

    The most important thing to remember while planning for your wedding music is your budget. Set a fixed budget as you do not want to spend dollars on music and go short on other important things such as wedding buffet, decoration, venue, etc. Make a note of all the music related expenditures such as live musicians, vocalists, band, DJ, instrumentalists, etc.Page 7 of 8

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