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Hidden Hills is perfect when you are looking for inexpensive wedding reception venue ( ). We customize each event to meet your needs. Contact us today.


  • 1. Inexpensive Wedding Reception Venues www.
  • 2. When planning a wedding reception, location is key. If you are looking for an inexpensive wedding reception venue , we are offer the best value for money. We are located in a quite and beautiful location, which will make your day memorable. Expensive weddings and receptions need months of planning and can be a logistical nightmare. www.
  • 3. Using the following unique and creative ideas, you can have a magnificent wedding reception without sacrificing what matters most to you. www.
  • 4. 1. Pick up the right venue1. For affordable wedding receptions, picking up the right venue can make all the difference. Reception venue is one of the best ways to save the money. Popular wedding reception venues can be very expensive. Select an undiscovered place like ours. Reception venues listed in the back of magazines pass on their advertising dollars to their customers. Check us out and you will be amazed, by our beautiful location and great price. www.
  • 5. 2. Look to the Suburbs2. If you want to save money on your reception venue, consider venues and facilities like ours that are not particularly in the city. Wedding reception venues are costly in bigger cities, so moving your reception out of town can save a lot of money. Our location in Rindge, NH, is in close proximity to Massachusetts, conveniently located not far from Boston, Leominster or Worcester, not to mention Concord and Manchester, NH. www.
  • 6. 3. Combine the Ceremony and Reception Space3. Stay at one location for your wedding ceremony and also for your reception. That will save you some money and your guest will like not having to drive from the ceremony to get to the reception! www.
  • 7. 4. Go for the Off-Season4. Most venues tend to lower their prices in off-peak seasons. But on peak or off peak, youll save THOUSANDS by choosing to host your special day with us. www.
  • 8. 5. Dont Get Married on a Saturday5. It is not surprising that Saturday is the most common day to get married. Its convenient for all, it is the most also the most expensive. Wedding reception venues lower their prices for weddings held mid-week. www.
  • 9. 6. Dont Over-rent Space6. Make sure that the space you rent is appropriate for the number of guests that you will have. Sometimes facilities charge you according to the space you are booking, so do not choose the venue that accommodate 300 guests when you will only expect 100. www.
  • 10. Its your wedding, so make it special! Inexpensive wedding receptionsdont have to be hard. At Hidden Hills, we equate inexpensive weddingreception to reasonably priced wedding reception. www.
  • 11. www. (603) 899-5001