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  • 1. From people back to the Web: or how to promote your website .. And therefore your hotel

2. The Internet and Travel Consumer Perceptions Direct vs. Indirect Online Distribution 3. Corporate Site vs Portal 4. Indirect Online Distribution 5. Get your Hotel listed step 1 6. Work on better deals - Step 2

    • FeverThird Parties Intermediaries (TPIs) and lower margin (15%-18%)
    • TPIs can access hotel inventory electronically
    • Prevent TPIs to use hotel trademark for search engine marketing campaigns
    • Always promoting their OWN hotelwebsite with unique product offerings

7. Get your metatags right! 8. How are YOU doing? 9. From Web1 to 2 The YOU area 10. Web1.O 11. 12. 13. Wikipedia the crowd issmart 14. CrowdSourcing 15. The crowd is ready to work.So whos hiring? Companies in a wide array of industries create ways to use the intelligence and creativity of distributed labor. 16. Threadless .com This hipster company prints T-shirts with designs submitted to its Web site. It expects to earn $20 million in revenue this year..com 17. 18. 19. 20. The Impact of Consumer Generated Media (CGM) 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Should your Hotel subsribe to such a RSS / CGM review feed YES but... 26. 27. To repeat: history/ transition

  • Web1.0
    • The WWW as we knew it, email, google and your website
  • Web2.0
    • Social feedback everybody is part
    • The inclusion and merging of multimedia content
    • Mashup google earth and video
    • Push technologies like RSS

28. What does that all mean?

  • The days of old fashion advertisment is gone
  • The concept of static information , books, brochures, articles, even images and simple websites has to be revised
  • All such is transferred into kind of interactive knowledge flow. The user chooses himself what he wants to know about any product
  • Advertisment becomes information, comparison, experience

29. Web3.0? Future websites will become 3D rooms to visit 30. 31. The Otto 3D experience

  • Soon each website will become a 3 dimensional room that can be experienced alone or with friends

32. 33. 34.