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This presentation was prepared for the E-Learning Colorado Consortium Professional Development Day in Denver, CO, on October 30, 2009. The event title was the Web2.0 Buffet


  • 1. Presentation forThe Web2.0 Buffet Professional Development Day E-Learning Consortium of Colorado Presenter: Alice Bedard-Voorhees, Ph.D.(Twitter: constantlearn) Colorado Mountain College October 30, 2009 This photo is licensed under Creative Commons by Web 2.0 Buffet Colorado E-Learning Consortium Oct. 30, 2009 Presented by Alice Bedard-Voorhees, Ph.D.

2. 3. My Qualifications

  • Miss Betty Crocker Award (BC was a
  • composite personality.)
  • Long Cultural Familiarity with Buffets
  • (Once planned to writeThe Northwoods Jello Buffet)
  • Great Appetite for Web 2.0

4. Buffet AssumptionsFood provides energySharing food can be a social event Food can be fun, pleasurableNew foods open us to new experiences Choices can be boggling 5. Technological Literacy Buffet: Life-Long Food

  • Will enable learning and use of new tools
  • Develop ability to locate and evaluate resources
  • Increase abilities to communicate, collaborate,
  • and create
  • Include ethical considerations

Based on these sources:http:// delicious.com/coloradomtn/tech_literacy 6. Student Appetites

  • What apps are you using, like to use?
  • Would they help your learning in this class?
  • How?
  • Share with me what you would use to demonstrate your learning for X.how would that be measured?

7. Blooms Digital Taxonomy

  • http://edorigami.wikispaces.com/Bloom's+Digital+Taxonomy#toc10
  • Includes these verbs: blogging, twittering, and social-bookmarking

8. Your Appetites: #web2.0poll

  • Share with us what you use and what you use it for with this hashtag in your tweet.
  • #web2.0poll

9. Blip.fm: Online DJs http://blip.fm/baroquecomposers 10. Static Screen Capture Using JING 11. Twitter and Twitpic

  • Needed: Twitter Account
  • Twitter Account allows for posting to Twitpic
  • Students either start following a class account or use a #hashtag
  • Tweets can be shared from Slife also
  • with clients likeSLTweets.com

12. Photos: Twitpic

  • http:// twitpic.com/photos/constantlearn
  • (Twitter account provides access.)
  • Opportunity to teach digital rights observance.

13. FLICKR + Phone

  • Faculty Creates Flickr Class Account
  • Gives Class User Name and Password
  • Students Upload to Flickr Account
  • Photos can be Annotated
  • Flickr Allows Short Video Uploads Too
  • RSS can feed account into LMS
  • Opportunity to Teach Digital Rights + Creative Commons Search

14. Slideshare Upload PPT, Can Add Voice

  • http://www.slideshare.net/ConstantLearning/increasing-learner-opportunities-with-recent-technologies-1991449

15. Voicethread https://voicethread.com/#q.b3352.i28616 16. Serious Games http://delicious.com/coloradomtn/serious_games

  • Food Force: UN, Download, World Hunger, Refugees
  • Darfur is Dying: Surviving a Travesty
  • Sushi Go Round: Lighter-Spirited, Running a Sushi Restaurant

17. Glogster: Multimedia Posters

http://coloradomtn.edu.glogster.com/Web20-Buffet/ 18. Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

  • SL Tweets: From Second Life about great places to visit (provide location coordinates)
  • Class Accounts: As a way of sharing Reading Notes
  • Faculty Assistance: As a way to be available for last minute project questions (defined time-frame)

19. Twitter Smarties

  • Justin Smith / Wikimedia Commons,
  • CC-By-SA-3.0
  • Who are you following?To whom would you like to
  • introduce learners?
  • http://www.twitter.com
  • CourosaIntellagirleLearnMag
  • newmediacproximalzonem_scott
  • TeachPaperlessMashableJingTips