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Presented by Vlad Didenko and Don Albrecht at the April 2009 JS.Chi() meetup. A brief overview of the conference, the most interesting sessions we have seen and impressions from the exibition floor.


<ul><li> 1. Web development tools Past the ecosystem of frameworks. JavaScript quantum performance leap. Web workers (general purpose in-browser solution to backgrounding tasks) - enables responsive applications. Desktop integration - getting web applications out of the security box - gracefully! Microsoft rising - features, performance, compliance. New proler in Firebug, FireUnit testing. Firebug 1.4a. YUI CSS Builder, BlueprintCSS for layouts now. Thunderhead is a layout system using JavaScript and Canvas for building Web applications (versus pages). Early Alpha. Atlas - Apple stack ported to the web </li></ul> <p> 2. Distributes services 1 Autonomy - all decisions based on local information Asynchrony - always make progress Uncontrolled concurrency is evil Controlled parallelism - e.g. for loading Decompose - KISS, drop the fat Failure tolerant - failure is normal Local responsibility - do not burden your peers Symmetry - similar naming, makes conguration simpler of non-existant 3. Distributes services 2 Each service group was required to operate their own service. Amazon claims to have no operations for software services. Engineers motivated to do services monitor-able by getting 3:30 AM call. Usually a resource (page) build using 200-300 services. Amazon found 30% cost in value providing services, 70% in operations and infrastructure So to unload the 70% from engineers, which still will be supporting their services they did the EC2 Scaling down is MORE important, than up. That is part of smart growth and being able to take advantage in consuming services improvements Failures are highly correlated. Failures come in batches Systems do not fail by stopping. They either crash or continue emitting garbage 4. Distributes services 3 When s... hits the fan, shed those services violating their consumer SLAs The infrastructure is virtualised and make it a service to developers. Before virtualization: 4-6 hours server provisioning. Engineers were NEVER releasing servers. They were hoarding their resources. The goal of EC2 was to provision AND RELEASE nodes in under a minute Service should break transparency. Engineers need to see failures. Engineers need to know location of servies to deploy resiliently </p>