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Volkswagen Genuine PartsNow with part of the price off. Commercial


* Prices are recommended retail exclusive of VAT and are subject to change without notification. Part applicability dependent on chassis/VIN number. Prices valid from 3 May 3 November 2016. While stocks last.

Tensioning Roller Water Pump

Part no: 028-117-021-LBeetle 2003 2010Golf 1998 2009Jetta 2003 2015Passat 2001 2011Polo Classic 2003 2010Polo Playa 2003 2010Sharan 2001 2010Touran 2004 2010Caddy 2004 2011

Price: R1,633.69*

Brake LiningInjector

Rubber Mounting

Part no: 068-117-021-BBeetle 2003 2005Golf 1998 2006Jetta 1999 2006Caddy 2004 2011Citi Golf 1996 2009Polo Classic 1996 2003Polo Playa 1996 2003Sharan 1999 2010Type 2 1995 2003

Price: R 1,677.79*

Part no: 02M-311-269-HEos 2007 2011Beetle 2003 2005Golf 1998 2013Jetta 2003 2014Passat 2006 2015Caddy 2004 2015Polo Classic 2003 2010Polo Playa 2003 2010Sharan 2001 2015Tiguan 2008 2015Touran 2004 2015Scirocco 2009 2014

Price: R455.21*

Part no: 1K0-407-183-EPolo Sedan 2003 2010Polo Classic 2003 2010Polo Playa 2003 2010

Price: R 162.00*

Part no: 06F-906-036-AEos 2007 2011Golf 2004 2009Jetta 2006 2011Passat 2006 2008

Price: R1,890.70*

Part no: 036-109-243-AFBeetle 2003 2010Golf 2003 2013Jetta 2003 2006Caddy 2004 2011Polo Classic 2003 2014Polo Playa 2003 2014 Price: R546.33*

Part no: 17S-121-010Citi Golf 1996 2009

Price: R809.71*

Part no: 7L6-698-451Touareg 2003 2007

Price: R1,122.51*

Synchronizer Ring Oil Cooler Oil Cooler


Brake Disc Flange

Part no: 06B-103-171-BBeetle 2003 2010Golf 1998 2013Jetta 1999 2011Passat 2001 2011Caddy 2004 2015Eos 2007 2008Touran 2006 2010

Price: R 769.00*

Part no: 8N0-615-301-ABeetle 2003 2005Golf 1998 2006Jetta 1999 2006Polo Sedan 2005 2010Polo Classic 2005 2010

Price: R 1,322.93*

Part no: 17S-129-711Citi Golf 1996 2009

Price: R 899.11*

Volkswagen Genuine Parts are precisely compatible with all other vehicle parts which ensures shorter installation times and later wear-and-tear impacts. Constantly updated, and now at a reduced price, Genuine Parts are the most cost-effective choice for Volkswagens over their running lifespan. For genuine quality and uncompromised safety, contact your nearest participating Volkswagen Dealership, or visit today.

RadiatorControl Unit

Part no: 6QE-121-253-BPolo Sedan 2003 2010Polo Classic 2003 2010Polo Playa 2003 2010

Price: R2,124.39*

Part no: 06A-906-032-PBPolo SedanPolo ClassicPolo Playa

Price: R2,343.55*

Created alongside vehicle development, Volkswagen Genuine Parts guarantee the highest quality standard for optimum performance and impeccable safety. Each step of the process, including research, development, manufacture and distribution, is performed directly or indirectly by Volkswagen, to assure that each part is manufactured in accordance with stringent Volkswagen standards.

And now Volkswagen is offering you Genuine Parts at an even better price. Designed specifically for each individual model, Volkswagen Genuine Parts precise fit not only enables shorter installation times, but also makes them compatible with all Volkswagen components to prevent premature wear-and -tear on your Customers vehicle.

Constantly adapted to incorporate technical advancements in current Volkswagen production and offers, Volkswagen Genuine Parts are the most cost-effective option when the overall costs of a vehicles entire service life are taken into account. So fit Volkswagen Genuine Parts, and give your Customers the Volkswagen quality guarantee they deserve.

The benefits of Volkswagen Genuine Parts:

Conform with the quality of the components used to manufacture your vehicle. Ensure that all vehicle components continue to work together in perfect harmony. Offer you the best possible safety, reliability and performance. Created alongside vehicle development and are precisely matched to each

individual model. High quality and reliable and therefore offer worry-free mobility. Compatible with all materials used by Volkswagen. This ensures that there

is no damage to paint, plastic or rubber and there is no metal corrosion. Long-lasting. When the total cost of ownership through the vehicle life is taken

into account, this makes them a much better buy.

Visit us at of South Africa

To guarantee the highest quality standards, Volkswagen Genuine Parts are manufactured in accordance with stringent Volkswagen standards and comply with detailed technical requirements. Defined by Volkswagen AGs Group Quality Assurance Programme, these specify the construction materials, design criteria and mixing ratios.

Through detailed documentation of design specifications and approval criteria, operational standards and inspection mechanisms in the production process, Volkswagens Formula Q strategy meticulously controls and monitors development, production and refinement processes.

Volkswagen Genuine Parts

Quality Assurance Programme