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  1. 1. LexInnova 2015 TOP ASSIGNEES VIRTUAL REALITY Sony, Microsoft and Samsung are the top three patent holders in this domain with 366, 365 and 348 patents/patent applications respectively. The distribution of patents/patent applications is very fragmented with the top patent holder having around 3% of the total patent filings in this domain. LICENSING HEAT MAP Data Processing and Medical Devices are in bright red which reflects a very distributed portfolio with no monopoly of any assignee in these domains, hence have higher chances of licensing activity. While on the other hand, domains like 3D Modeling and Optical control systems fall in the lighter shades reflecting that the patent portfolio in these domains is predominantly held by some top players. Virtual Reality(VR) is a digital technology that overlays texts, images, and videos over physical objects. At its core, VR provides all types of information such as location, heading, visual, audio and acceleration data, and opens an avenue for real-time feedback. $5.2 Billion Nokia 169 Lincoln Global 65 Canon 82 SK Telecom 82 IBM 85 Intellectual Ventures 90 Intel 109 ETRI 137 Pantech 172 Siemens 172 LG 174 Qualcomm 252 Samsung 348 Microsoft 365 Sony 366 What has enabled the Recent Growth? High speed wireless data connections 3D-capable CPU/GPUs High-res, Lightweight motion sensors Internet of Things growth Cellphone Technology Super lightweight and high resolution screens What constitutes a Virtual Reality System? Tracker Sensor(s) Haptic Interface 2D & 3D Simulation Software Auditory Interface Mergers And Acquistions 201420152018 200 K 5.7 Million 23.8 Million Growth in VR Devices Facebooks $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR is the biggest transactions in this domain yet. Qualcomm has joined Google and others in a $542 million funding round for Florida based startup Magic Leap. Samsung partnered with Vortex VR to create a $100 mobile VR headset that uses LG's G3 Quad HD smartphone as its display. Market Projection The consumer virtual reality market, including hardware and software, is expected to be worth US $5.2 Billion worldwide by 2018. The sales of virtual reality hardware devices are estimated to grow from 200,000 units in 2014 to 5.7 million units in 2015 and 23.8 million units in 2018. Interface Arrangements E-Commerce Data Transferring DataProcessing 3DModeling 3DImage Rendering Gaming OpticsMedical Devices Education Display Devices Optical Control Systems Speech Recognition Processing Devices Image Data Processing


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