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Using social media responsibly First Year Students in Portmarnock Community School. Co. Dublin, Ireland.


  • 1. Mr. D. O Mahony, October 2013
  • 2. from presenter at the National Digital Education Summit, Croke Park
  • 3.
  • 4. The worlds first Computer Programmer Getting a machine to do the sums!
  • 5.
  • 6. The founder of the World Wide Web http://
  • 7.
  • 8. Live, work, play and communicate with people that you never met Virtual Community
  • 9. t-users-upload-150m-photos-a-day-then-app-deletes-all/
  • 10. pchat-said-to-be-close-to-raising-100-million/
  • 11. good!
  • 12. Screengrab Facebook
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  • 16. feature=player_embedded&v=6abeNkw4Nqo
  • 17. You can use digital and some social-media in school We have developed guidelines that we want you to be clear about
  • 18. Dont copy Give credit
  • 19. Students should not plagiarise content (copy or use as your own without citing the original creator), including words or images, from the Internet Students should not take credit for things they didnt create themselves, or misrepresent themselves as an author or creator of something found online
  • 20. Be good Dont be mean
  • 21. Doesn't matter whether its Online or Face to Face Respect Being friendly Including people Appropriate
  • 22. Hurtful Aggressive Repeated Deliberate HSE
  • 23. Harassing, flaming, denigrating, impersonating, outing, tricking, excluding and cyber-stalking are all examples of cyber-bullying Such bullying will not be tolerated in PCS Dont be mean Dont send emails or post comments or photos with the intent of scaring, hurting, or intimidating someone else Photos taken without permission within the school or on any of its activities will be fully investigated
  • 24. Never impersonate anyone online if you are doing so close down that account this evening
  • 25. In some cases, cyber-bullying is a crime Remember that your activities are monitored and retained The school will support students, teachers and parents in dealing with cyber-bullying.
  • 26. I can hide behind social-media You can try but its getting harder....
  • 27. Source:
  • 28. People are dealing with bullying online, much the same as they deal with bullying face to face Gather the evidence Taking screenshots Saving web-addresses and web-pages, Saving messages and texts Printing off pages Telling the truth Supporting their friends
  • 29. Suspension of network and computer privileges Notification to parents in most cases Detention Counselling / referral Suspension from school and / or school-related activities Expulsion Legal action and/or prosecution
  • 30. If you see a message, comment, image, or anything else online that makes you concerned for your personal safety, bring it to the immediate attention of a teacher if you are at school a parent / guardian if you are at home
  • 31. Students should never share personal information about themselves or others, including phone numbers, addresses, and birth-dates over the Internet without adult permission Students should never agree to meet someone they meet online in real life without parental permission.
  • 32. Some positive suggestions:
  • 33. Screengrab:
  • 34. Screengrab
  • 35. Screengrab: Sam Earlwood on Soundcloud
  • 36. Screengrab
  • 37. Screengrab: PCS Photostream
  • 38. Colaiste an Chraoibhin, Fermoy, Cork Screengrab:
  • 39. Screengrab
  • 40.