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Responsibly Fresh. FOOD SCP Round Table Brussels, November 21 th 2012 Philippe Appeltans Secretary general Association of Belgian Horticultural Co- operatives. Turnover VBT-members– 2011. Fresh produce € 685,5 million. € 277.092.659. € 408.403.237. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Responsibly FreshFOOD SCP Round TableBrussels, November 21th 2012

Philippe AppeltansSecretary generalAssociation of Belgian Horticultural Co-operatives

1Turnover VBT-members 2011

277.092.659 408.403.237

Frozen vegetables 75,3 millionFresh produce 685,5 million

VegetablesFruit & VegetablesFruit

Vision on SustainabilityPublic issue-> Important

Several initiatives and projects-> Mostly single topic

Our conclusion 1. Broader people, planet, profit 2. Basic requirement for market access

Path to sustainable development1. Existing quality systems

2. Sectoral engagement

3. New sustainability label

Path to sustainable development1. Existing quality systems

Producers and producers cooperatives already comply with several systems

Engagement: Further development of sustainability criteria in these systems

Path to sustainable development2. Sectoral engagement

Environmental friendly production planet

Broader content planet, people, profit

Engagement at three levels Individual producer Collective of producers in producers cooperatives Individual producers cooperative

1. Individual producer-> Certified quality system(s)

Several requirements

External control by independent CB

Periodic renewal

Systems: ICQM, GlobalGAP

Path to sustainable development2. Collective of producers / cooperative-> Sustainability dossier

Several requirements for producers

Zero measurement and progression in time

Periodical acualisation by cooperative

VBT sectoral overviews

Path to sustainable development3. Individual producers cooperative-> Certificate Charter CSRCorporate social responsibility

Concrete action points on common themes

External evaluation and audit

Yearly renewal

Charters: provinces and/or VOKA

Path to sustainable development3. New sustainability label

Base: Environmental friendely production

Translate sectoral engagement

Capture full story

Look attractive

Path to sustainable developmentNew sustainability label New sustainability label

New sustainability label

Launch FruitLogistica Berlin

Winner 2012 GlobalGAP Award

Finally Sustainability

Sustainable development

-> Sustainable development is a verb

THX for your attention.Time forExchange of Views