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    I-74, Exit 109 Shelbyville www.IndianaGrand.com | 877-FUN-4-IND

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    Up DowntownAugust 2014

    Grab The Fork: Its Time To

    Devour Downtown!Grab the knife, fork and spoon and make plans to dine out preferably

    at somewhere you have never eaten before, because August brings the annual Summer edition of Devour Downtown, this year scheduled for the 18th through the 31st.

    In 2005, Devour Downtown began as a way to get more people to check out the growing culinary scene in the Circle City. And now, nine years later, the event has grown from just 25 restaurants to more than 70 taking part, representing almost every major type cuisine and taste imaginable.

    During the semi-annual

    event, diners will be able to take advantage of three-course,

    value-priced menus. Restaurants offer a variety of fare including savory sushi, succulent steaks and delectable desserts in addition to gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options.

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    Extended Thru August 31st 2014!

    Where Red meets the Rainbow

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    Piano Music Wed-Saturday!Reservations Recommended!

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    OGUNQUIT, MaineWhat happens when two former downtowners head east, find the perfect spot and open a bed and breakfast in a home so historic that parts of it pre-date the founding of the United States itself?

    Well, if that couple is John Joanette and Dwain Underwood and the spot is the Black Boar Inn, you not only have a lot of your downtown Indianapolis friends visiting and booking, but you become an integral part of the village (population 1,226) and you get yourself elected to the town council, serve on committees and in under a year become so much like native Mainers (some use the term Maineacs but its considered insulting to the locals here) that it is as if you have lived in town and run an inn here for decades.

    Up Downtown got the chance to sit down with John and Dwain recently and found that running an inn is a long-time goal of the couples. Joanette was a PR and marketing and lobbying guru in downtown Indianapolis and Underwood was an exec with a major electronics retailer, so the transition was as stark as the change from the flat Midwest of Indiana to the rocky, lobster-filled coast of Maine, but somehow they have not only made the change, but they have embraced it.

    The couple run the B&B with smiles and with respect not only for their home and environment, but for their guests, whom they go out of their way to please with modern conveniences (like some really fast WiFi, flat-screen cable TVs and a guest fridge in the lounge) all combined with the charming mansion, parts of which do indeed predate the 1776 founding of the United States.

    This being crime-free Maine, doors remain unlocked 24/7 and the couple is proud to be one of the handful of all-year B&Bs in this town, which split from neighbouring Wells, Maine, in 1980 over the issue of commercialism.

    It seems locals wanted to ban all chains and the Wells town fathers disagreed, so the folks in the southern part of town petitioned the state and Ogunquit as an entity was born. The first by-law on the town books was, not surprisingly, no chain anythings and to this day its why one has to go a bit north to find a CVS or Holiday Inn in Wells and a bit south to find Hannafords, one of the coolest grocery chains in the northeast, outside the town limits.

    Imagine a place with not a single famous name anywhere (Not even a Wally World to be seen!) and having those gaudy big box signs and establishments replaced with local shops selling everything from gourmet meals and some pretty funny (and crass) lobster-themed t-shirts to places to stay.

    And it is the latter where the Indiana duo excel as they took the building, which had been a B&B but a few years back became a single-family rental which was usually only occupied in the brief Summer season of June through October, and turned it back into its former use.

    Fireplaces dot the lounges and other rooms including some of the individual suites. A huge one, which still includes hooks pots were hung on for cooking in colonial days, graces the breakfast room and the mantelpiece above is clearly hand-carved. Local woodworkers made the log tables and the duo do their best to preserve and expand upon all of the original looks they can.

    So what was the hardest part about making a job and location change?

    People may not believe this, but the most difficult thing for us was the division of responsibilities so we both could share the work and still enjoy living here, John noted.

    The way thats been accomplished is with each of the couple getting a me day a week off while the other manages the house, cooks the breakfast (although there are two part-timers who help in the duties as well) and then one day a week both of them take an us day together while the staff manages solo. That gives John and Dwain a day a week to explore the nearby area there are things from secluded beaches to clubs and outlet malls within an hours drive, as well as (at 66,214 souls)

    Black Boar Inn Is Maine Thing On Downtown Couples Minds

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    Portland, Maines largest city which has the closest Sams and BJs (another warehouse club, so dont get too excited though the name is fun). There are also a plethora of restaurants both in town and nearby and when they go out John noted, We always try somewhere we havent been. That way when a guest asks about where to get the best lobster or Mexican or pizza we have not only an answer, but a place to say we have been there and this is what we found. All of their recommendations with us were spot on, so wed say the research is working!

    Speaking of research, John told Up Downtown that hes constantly looking for local items to put on the breakfast tables. My goal is to be able to walk to buy and not even to drive, so instead of the grocery, the strawberries with the French Toast come from a stand a couple blocks away. We buy eggs from a local farmer and as much as we can thats locally sourced. If we support the town, they support us and we are our own little organisation here.

    Another thing the couple pointed out is that while they watch and worry about their friends in Indiana on the issue of gay and lesbian marriage, Maine was the first state for the issue to go on the ballot and gay marriage rights to be approved by voters, not a judge or legislature.

    Its so nice to live in a state where we are equal to everyone. Lets put it this way: Were here. Were queer. And EVERYONES used to it! Joanette said with a huge grin.

    So whats the Black Boar Inns cost for rooms? In season, a double is around $200 a night, whereas out of season its about $125 a night. That does include some awesome breakfasts, and things many of those nasty chains charge for are included. Thats stuff like really fast WiFi, free parking at the door and the ability to leave your car and walk everywhere from the towns best eateries to the beach (two blocks). Theres also the towns famous Marginal Way, which stretches over rocky cliffs and along sandy beaches with breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean. The walk starts under three blocks from the Black Boars front door and is (Summer and Winter) a popular spot for guests of the inn as well as those famous me days John and Dwain take each week.

    To find out more about the inn visit www.blackboarinn.com or give John or Dwain a bell on 207/646.2112. The inn is at 277 Main Street in downtown Ogunquit, Maine exactly 1,000 miles from downtown Indianapolis and a world away. To look in from home (and see what you are missing) visit http://marginalwayfund.org/photos-webcam/lighthouse-webcam/ and check the live cam views. You will for sure want to pack your car and head to Maine!

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