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Download Unified Sports Rivalry Series ToolKit - Sports Rivalry Series 3 Unified Sports Rivalry Series What are the desired outcomes for these games? The Unified Sports Rivalry Series gives

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  • Unified Sports Rivalry Series ToolKit

  • Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    2 Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    Dear Unified Sports Rivalry Series Program,

    Thank you for your participation in one of the newest Special Olympics Unified Sports

    awareness, engagement and fundraising events aimed at increasing college students and

    alumni engagement. The successes of the initial Unified Sports Rivalry Games in 2014 ignited

    great excitement amongst Unified Partners and created even greater demand for similar

    opportunities nationwide. We have developed this toolkit as a way to help ensure you have a

    successful event with minimum stress on your staff. This toolkit coordinates with the checklist

    - each checklist item is broken down and explained further.

    What is a Unified Sports Rivalry Game?

    A Special Olympics Unified Sports game where each team represents one of the NCAA rival

    teams (for example, Alabama and LSU). These games are to be held on the day of, or around

    the time of, the university game.

    Why host a Unified Sports Rivalry Game?

    There is an endless amount of excitement and competition between University rivals. We are

    looking to tap on this excitement to:

    Engage our Special Olympics College Chapters and foster brand affinity for life

    Expand participation and exposure of Unified Sports at the collegiate level and with

    Special Olympics Programs

    Increase revenue for Programs and SOI

    Use as a catalyst for expanding (or creating) Unified Sports on campus and/or within

    that state

    Elevate the importance of Unified Sports within the general public by connecting it

    to a larger event

    Recruit new donors, future volunteers and get people involved with Special Olympics

    via their college chapter

    Encourage year-round activation for our University programs, Sororities, Fraternities,

    and Sponsors

    These games can be a competition series that Special Olympics can own. In the future, each

    Program can mold this event model to work at the high school level and/or professional levels.

    In 2014, Unified Sports had a bump of roughly 400 new participates (both partners and

    athletes) in Unified Sports as a direct result of hosting only 4 of these games!

  • Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    3 Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    What are the desired outcomes for these games?

    The Unified Sports Rivalry Series gives us the opportunity to create a high profile event, which

    elevates Unified Sports and our athletes to the same platform as larger collegiate events. With

    this exposure the games can:

    Create new revenue streams

    Spread the reach of Special Olympics beyond our current fans, supporters, and


    Kick-start the growth of Unified Sports at colleges and universities across the country


    Thank You!

    Special Olympics & the Unified Sports Rivalry Series Team

  • Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    4 Unified Sports Rivalry Series


    Initial Preparations (6 months before event)..................Page 5

    3 months before game.Page 8

    2 months before game...Page 13

    6 weeks before game.Page 15

    1 month before gamePage 17

    3 weeks before game.Page 18

    2 weeks before game.Page 21

    1 week before game...Page 23

    Event Day..Page25

    Post Event Follow-UpPage 26

    Appendix A Emcee Sample ScriptPage 27

    Appendix B Town Proclamation Sample.Page 31

    Appendix C Sample Game Day FlyerPage 33

    Appendix D Sample Game Day Equipment Checklist...Page 34

  • Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    5 Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    Initial Preparations [To be completed 6 months before event]

    1. Assign State Level Staff to manage each piece of game at a minimum

    you will need 1 staff member from the Development, Marketing, and

    Sports departments.

    a. Logistics

    b. Marketing/Communications

    c. Volunteer Engagement

    d. Unified Partners and athletes

    e. Fundraising

    f. Competition Management

    g. Awards Management

    2. Establish 2-5 student leaders to coordinate the game from both schools


    a. You want this game to be driven by the students to ensure

    participation, spectatorship, and volunteers

    b. Make sure BOTH schools have a student leadership committee and

    are engaged regardless of where the game takes place

    c. If you dont have a strong relationship with your Special Olympics

    College chapters OR students on campus follow these steps:

    i. Reach out to local Programs to see if they have a connection

    with the University

    ii. Reach out to the recreational department at each school

    1. See which school would be a better host school

    a. You can always switch schools the next year

    iii. Reach out to your volunteer base to see if anyone has a

    connection with the Universities.

    iv. NOTE: If none of these avenues work, you will probably have

    to wait until school is in session to establish the student

    leadership. OR contact SOI to help forge these relationships.

    3. Create an initial plan of action

    a. Timelines

    b. Budget see sample below Page 6

    c. Communication plan

    d. Logistics plan

    e. Recruiting see recruiting ideas below Page 7

    f. Fundraising Creation of online donation platform will be handled

    by SOI

  • Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    6 Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    Sample Program Budget

    *This is just an example and does not reflect actual costs. Actual amounts will vary.*

    Special Olympics Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    Fall 2015

    Item Cost Allocation and Notes


    Space, field & Classroom $600 Donated by University Recreation

    Referees $375 $125/ref, Coordinated through Special Olympics

    state office

    Microphone and Speakers $0 Donated by University Recreation

    Scoreboards $0 Donated by University Recreation

    Chairs/bleachers $0 Donated by University

    Sports equipment (regulation size) $0 Borrowed from SO state program

    Awards (Unified Sports


    $60 Approx. cost ($2.50 per medal for 24 medals)

    EMS $180 $30/hour/person

    Parking Attendants $180 $30/hour/person

    Housekeeping $330 Donated by University Recreation

    Security $210 $35/hour/person


    Uniforms $600 SOI

    Transportation for visiting team $300 Program/SOI

    Team Hotel $500 Program/SOI


    Breakfast for Team & VIPs $300 Donated by Food Vendor

    Lunch $500 Donated by Food Vendor

    Snacks for Volunteers $100 Donate by Food Vendor


    Pom Poms/Foam Fingers for Audience $150

    T-shirts for Volunteers $750

    Promotional materials, including flyers

    and banners; digital signage



    Total Amount Donated

    Total covered by SOI and Program




  • Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    7 Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    Recruiting Recommendations

    The Program should be responsible for recruiting the SO athletes. These

    athletes can come from an existing traditional team, Unified Team, or

    multiple teams to make this new Unified team.

    The students on campus should be the ones in charge of recruiting other

    students to participate in the game. It is important that double the

    amount of students are recruited to play so they can all be evaluated to

    create the most even ability team.

    Options for recruiting students on campus: o Recruit members from the Special Olympics club on campus o Work with the Recreation Department to recruit current intramural

    or club sport students o Reach out to the Fraternities and Sororities on campus. Special

    Olympics has a national partnership with Alpha Sigma Alpha, Phi Sigma Kappa, Sigma Tau Gamma, and Alpha Phi Omega

  • Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    8 Unified Sports Rivalry Series

    3 months before game

    1. Confirm student leadership 2. Pick a host school and connect with Recreation Department on campus

    a. Connect with both schools. Most recreation departments will allow you to use the venue for free or for a VERY minimal fee. Step-by-Step instructions on Page 9

    3. Fundraising software training and site build a. Headquarters will be working with Donor Drive to create

    fundraising pages for this event b. There will be a few trainings prior to the games on how to use this

    software. c. This software will be used by Programs to encourage fundraising

    i. The team that raises the most money will start with a game time advantage (point, pick side of the field, etc.)

    1. SOI will work with program to reach out to university alumni networks and current students

    2. This fundraising platform will be spread through social media and encouraged through all marketing efforts

    4. Program staff starts to work with students to recruit partners 5. Place order for merchandise

    a. SOI be the lead on this and will be working with Program to place these orders. Most orders will need to be placed 2 months before game.

    i. T-shirts will be made to sell at the game. ii. Volunteer t-shirts

    iii. If the Play Unified red balls are prope