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UNCOVER – Case study Barents Sea. Bjarte Bogstad, IMR, Bergen, Norway. Participants. IMR, Bergen, Norway PINRO, Murmansk, Russia University of Aberdeen, UK University of Bergen, Norway CEFAS, Lowestoft, UK IFM, Hirtshals, Denmark IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria. Species. Cod Herring - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • UNCOVER Case study Barents SeaBjarte Bogstad, IMR, Bergen, Norway

  • ParticipantsIMR, Bergen, NorwayPINRO, Murmansk, RussiaUniversity of Aberdeen, UKUniversity of Bergen, NorwayCEFAS, Lowestoft, UKIFM, Hirtshals, DenmarkIIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

  • SpeciesCodHerringCapelin

  • WP1 Time series of total egg production for cod and herring (R. Nash)Maternal effects for herring (A. Geffen)Fisheries induced evolution (U. Dieckmann)Changes in herring distribution over 50 years (A. Krysov)IBM for migration of adult herring based on behavioral model and 3D ocean models (G. Huse)

  • WP2Effect of climate on cod and herring recruitment (O. Titov)Life cycle strategy of cod (V. Tretyak)Larval growth (A. Folkvord)Cod recruitment forecast (O. Titov)Process knowledge in IBMs (ECOBE) (. Fiksen)Recovery scenarios modelling first half year of life (S. Sundby)

  • WP3Fit Gadget (IMR) and STOCOBAR (PINRO) to historical data (B. Bogstad/A. Filin)Description of temporal/spatial changes in predation by cod (A. Dolgov/B. Bogstad)Improve Gadget/STOCOBAR cod predation models (B. Bogstad/A. Filin)Note: Gadget model output from BECAUSE

  • WP4Identify data, information and models relevant to recovery questions (D. Howell/ Y. Kovalev/ T. Marshall)Develop operational framework (FEMS) modules accordingly (D. Howell/ Y. Kovalev/ T. Marshall/L. Kell)

  • WP5Interviews with stakeholders (D. Wilson)Describe compliance and legitimacy expectation (D. Wilson)Note that stakeholders are Nor-Russ. Fisheries Commission (cod, capelin) and Norway, Russia, Iceland, Faroes and EU (herring)


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