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    First, you must plan your overall Twitter chat approach based on what you would like to make possible for your community. Once youve done this planning and have selected a hashtag, this checklist will help you to make individual chats run smoothly!

    ! Select date and time

    ! Research and select topic

    ! Blog about topic and post to chat home base

    ! Invite attendees ! Reach out to individual participants via email, Twitter Direct Message and @


    ! Email your newsletter subscribers

    ! Plan, write and schedule promotional tweets

    ! Promote on other social networks, including in relevant groups

    ! Pre-write chat questions and tweets Include:

    ! Welcome tweet

    ! Introductions request

    ! Housekeeping: i.e. character limit reminder, Q & A format

    ! Questions #1-5

    ! Closing tweet

    ! Reminder to check back for archives

    ! Save the date/time for next chat