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  1. 1. #CMWorld SEARCH & SOCIAL TWITTER CHAT Featuring TopRank Marketings Lee Odden @LeeOdden and Content Marketing Institutes Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com
  2. 2. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat Q1: Lets get started! In the ever-changing world of search, what are basics content marketers should keep in mind? #CMWorld
  3. 3. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat @cmicontent Content should have a purpose, a target audience an a measurable objective. #CMWorld MCC @MelClarkMkt @CMIContent A1 Content should be share-able, easily digestible, readily discovered (search) and relevant. #cmworld Neil Horowitz @njh287 A1 People search like they ask questions. Make sure you create meaningful content around important questions. #cmworld Angela Dunn @blogbrevity A1. Figure out what words / phrases buyers use - instead of focusing on product terms #cmworld Ardath Albee @ardath421
  4. 4. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat Q2: How does #contentmarketing create synergy between search and social? #CMWorld
  5. 5. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat A2 Search and social are both distribution channels. In ur content calendar, ensure the two are aligned (keywords, hashtags, etc.) #CMWorld Stephanie Walton @StephLynette A2: Search, Social, Lead Gen - it all starts with a defined content strategy today. Most marketers skip this stage ;) #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi I actually think other way around - social is little without content. Without content, social is just chatter. You can quote me. #cmworld Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris A2: Social is jelly, SEO is peanut butter, & content marketing is the bread that holds it all together :) http://t.co/NN669hChzT #CMWorld Lee Odden @leeodden
  6. 6. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat Q3: How do you balance #SEO keywords (search) & keywords consumers use (social)? #CMWorld
  7. 7. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat A3: Search phrases express specific intent to find. Social topics expect interaction or reaction #CMWorld Lee Odden @leeodden A3 We know social affects search rank. Question is whether to target high-volume searches or influential socialites/sharers. #cmworld Neil Horowitz @njh287 #cmworld A3- Search terms are aimed at solving a time sensitive problem. Social terms are for engagement and entertainment Ebyline @Ebyline #cmworld Social has to be cultivated constantly. Content can be optimized for search one time. You cant only do social w/ ur blog content. Stephanie Walton @StephLynette
  8. 8. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat Q4: What tools should content marketers use when it comes to #SEO? #CMWorld
  9. 9. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat A4: Outside of Googles keyword tool, SEMrush is a great tool. #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi A4: Keyword research tools: Google Keyword Planner, Wordstream, Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery #CMWorld Lee Odden @leeodden @consected I am loving SEOMOZs newest suite of tools, Moz Analytics!! #cmworld #SEO #ContentMarketing sarah ware @WareSarah A4: Buzzstream, Outbrain, Buffer, Feedly, Linkdex, Visual.ly, Followerwonk, HARO, FindPeopleonPlus, AuthorCrawler, G+ Ripples #CMWorld Kevin Gibbons @kevgibbo
  10. 10. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat Q5: Is there one kind of content video, text, images, mobile that is prime for search? Whats the hot trend? #CMWorld
  11. 11. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat A5: Create the content mix most meaningful for your customers, then optimize for findability #CMWorld Lee Odden @leeodden A5: People underestimate the power of optimizing images/videos. Big opportunity. #cmworld Angela Dunn @blogbrevity A5: Key: Tagging and adding relevant copy so important for video and infographics. Help Google discover your content. #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi A5 whenever possible, include transcripts for video or audio, and always alt tag those images #cmworld Erika @SFerika
  12. 12. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat Q6: What process does your organization use to optimize its content? #CMWorld
  13. 13. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat A6: Every keyword phrase should have a target page/post. Its important not to compete with yourself. #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi A6: Thats the question everyone wants to know :) Our optimization process is outlined in detail within http://t.co/8945Crp0Lo #CMWorld Lee Odden @leeodden @CMIContent A6: Proactively. Use keyword tools to learn what your audience is searching for, and develop content around those areas #CMWorld Brendan Cournoyer @brencournoyer A6/7 An undervalued exercise is coming up w/content categories create the buckets around which all content will flow/be relevant. #cmworld Angela Dunn @blogbrevity
  14. 14. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat Q7: How do you change your search strategy based on how Google changes its algorithm? #CMWorld
  15. 15. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat A7: If you focus on epic content that your customers/prospects share, to heck with Googles algorithm. Great stories win! #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi @CMIContent A7: You generally shouldnt have to if your strategys based around providing valuable content #CMWorld Kristen Hicks @atxcopywriter A7: Closely monitoring & optimizing the performance of content in search = a competitive advantage. Dont ASSume :) #cmworld Lee Odden @leeodden #cmworld SEO people get antsy every time Google updates, but the good methods will always have a place in marketing Ebyline @Ebyline
  16. 16. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat Q8: Do you optimize every blog post for search? What parts of your blog post do you optimize? #CMWorld
  17. 17. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat @cmicontent A8: We factor in search in every blog post, but not to the detriment of quality. #CMWorld MCC @MelClarkMkt A8: We optimize every post for search, but we dont let rankings cloud our execution. Add value to the web, not take from it #CMWorld Brafton @Brafton A8: Optimize headlines for reader clicks. If a keyword naturally fits headline, good indication post is on topic for your brand #cmworld Katherine Griwert @kgriwert A8: Regarding an optimized content plan, heres a handy template: http://t.co/ D9pgJEAYuO (free, ungated) #cmworld Lee Odden @leeodden
  18. 18. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat Q9: Do you optimize your content for both your audience and search? Which is more important? #CMWorld
  19. 19. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat A9: Content easily found but confusing is of no value. Neither is excellent content no one can find. #cmworld Lee Odden @leeodden A9: Meaningful content for customers that is also optimized for discovery - search or social is the WIN :) #cmworld Lee Odden @leeodden @CMIContent Audience. If the reader doesnt care, youve accomplished nothing (and wont get anywhere in search besides) #CMWorld Kristen Hicks @atxcopywriter A9: content thats found is meaningless if just keyword stuffing. Be creative & provide value to the consumer #CMWorld Phil Ayres @consected
  20. 20. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat Q10: Last question: What do you think is the future of SEO/search? Will it become more or less important? #CMWorld
  21. 21. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat A10: As long as content can be found through the act of searching, there will be an opportunity for optimization. #CMWorld Lee Odden @leeodden A10: Prediction alert: SEO and Social roles start reporting into Content role in enterprises. This is happening now. #cmworld Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi @CMIContent A10 I think/hope more real-time search. I use Googles time tools a lot. Search for real-time social content, too! #cmworld Neil Horowitz @njh287 #content #marketing will be driver that will ultimately be the brand builder, nurturer, extender and everything will fall under it. #cmworld Susyn Elise Duris @SusynEliseDuris
  22. 22. #CMWorld contentmarketingworld.com Search & Social #CMWorld Twitter Chat Want to learn more? Want to discuss the latest trends in content marketing and get advice from some of the experts you will see at Content Marketing World? Each week join Joe Pulizzi (@joepulizzi) and a guest as we discuss both key content marketing topics and event tracks for Content Marketing World, as well as our industry marketing summits. Simply follow #cmworld on twitter to join the conversation. July 2: Content Strategy with Michael Brenner @brennermichael (Click here for the full transcript) July 9: Search and Social with Lee Odden @leeodden July 16: Financial Content Marketing with Mitch Joel @mitchjoel July 23: Social Media Marketing with Joe Chernov @jchernov July 30: B2B Content Marketing with Ardath Albee @ardath421 August 6: Small Business Content Marketing with Brian Clark @copyblogger August 13: Multi-Channel Marketing with Andrew Davis @tpldrew August 20: Technology Content Marketing with Rohit Bhargava @rohitbhargava To read the full transcript of this chat, visit http://bit.ly/CMWchat_Odden