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<ul><li> 1. Twitter Chat Best PracticesNovember 2011Contents are proprietary and confidential.</li></ul> <p> 2. Twitter Chat PhilosophyContents are proprietary and confidential. 3. Twitter ChatDefinition An online discussion which uses Twitter as a singularsource of discussion Anyone with a Twitter account can participate Chats are completely open to the public to chime in orlisten Hashtags (the symbol # followed but a designatedword/words) are used to show a continuous flow ofchat Applications such as and TweetDeckallow you to search for the hashtag to view streamContents are proprietary and confidential. 4. Twitter ChatBest Practices Creating and populating the same hashtag forregularly scheduled chats over time is the best way tocontinue the conversation Oftentimes, having a moderator helps create a smoothrunning chat Using the initial Q for questions (usuallypredetermines) and A for answers helps keep thechat running smoothly For more than one question, use Q1 Q2 and A1 A2 to coordinate questions with answersContents are proprietary and confidential. 5. Integrated InvitationsContents are proprietary and confidential. 6. Event BriteA centralized source of information A free service that enables us to create an e-vite foreach Twitter chat and distribute electronically to atargeted list Integration with social media platforms allowsattendees to share information easily with friends andfollowers Facebook Twitter Linkedin Metrics in the backend allow tracking of RSVPs andwaitlistsContents are proprietary and confidential. 7. Clearly states time &amp; date of chatSocial media Calendarintegration featureallows for allowseach social attendeesmedia to easilysharing. add toGreat Outlook orfeature to Googleincrease CalendarsparticipationProvidesadditionalinformation onthe chat and theorganizationwho isproviding/overseeing the chat.Clearly stateshashtagContents are proprietary and confidential. 8. Facebook Event Invites Event invites createdwithin Facebook Clearlystates time &amp;pages allow date of chatattendees to set upreminders and invitetheir fellow FacebookfriendsProminently displayed URL allows Open wall allows attendees to view more informationattendees to interactprior to Twitter partyShows who hasbeen invited andto build excitement who is attending Contents are proprietary and confidential. 9. Website/Blog Placement Eventbrite creates a URL which may then be sharedacross different website and blog platforms After the Twitter Chat, it is helpful to post a transcriptor recap of the Twitter chat for participants to reviewand share with their readers This also provides an additional piece of shareablemedia for participants Contents are proprietary and confidential. 10. HashtagsContents are proprietary and confidential. 11. The Importance of Hashtags Using the same hashtag for a regularly scheduled chatallows the conversation to continue even during theoff hours of the chat Hashtags allow the creators of the chat to collect thetweets from the chat for archiving Next slide contains a list of regularly scheduledhealthcare related Twitter chats and their hashtags Contents are proprietary and confidential. 12. The Importance of HashtagsA List of Healthcare Related Twitter ChatsContents are proprietary and confidential. 13. Thank youQ&amp;AContents are proprietary and confidential. 14. Additional Resources to Consider Contents are proprietary and confidential. 15. Contents are proprietary and confidential.</p>