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<ul><li> Leveraging the Power of Twitter:Executing &amp; Evaluating a Twitter Chat August 7, 2012 </li> <li> CDC NPIN Social Media Channels Goal: Improve &amp; increase communication channels available to CDC NPIN partnersTwitter: Daily News/Resource Updates Live Event Coverage Live ChatsFacebook: Photo Sharing Commenting/NotesGoogle Plus Group Video Chats (hangouts)LinkedIn Discussions/Professional Development Training Opportunities </li> <li> A Bit About Twitter What is it? A microblogging site for networking and information/resource sharing 140 characters Who is Using Twitter? * Number of U.S. adult Twitter users: 7.1M by 2013 15 percent of online adults use Twitter - 8 percent use it daily More than one quarter of online African-Americans (28%) use Twitter 26 percent of Internet users age 1829 use Twitter*Smith, Aaron and Brenner, Joanna Twitter Use 2012 Pew Internet &amp; American Life Project, May 31,2012 accessed Aug 1, 2012 </li> <li> Twitter Chats Interactive, online discussions Real-time Bring a community of people together Dig deeper into a set topic for a specified period of time Opportunity to connect across geographic boundaries Network and share ideas Develop potential off-line partnerships </li> <li> Planning Your Chat Choose a topic: key public health issues for your community, hot topics, something your audience is already talking about, the day/months events/observances Know your goals and audience Create a short hashtag to be used with every tweet Organize the chat into key segments to keep focused on purpose and messages Prepare an outline of the chat </li> <li> Ongoing Health Chats Source: Healthcare Hashtag Project health care communications and social media#MDchat: physician issues#RNChat: nursing issues#eldercarechat: elder care professionals and caregivers#MHSM: mental health and social media#HITsm: health IT and social media </li> <li> Chat Promotion Invite partners to join you, give them a clear role, and ask them to promote Notify key influencers on Twitter Promote the chat through all your communication channels Have an online home with chat information so people can learn more about how to participate </li> <li> Sample Chat Structure </li> <li> Hosting the Chat Set internal roles - Monitor and responder roles are important. Make sure everyone has a copy of the outline/script and knows their roles Go with the flow AND stay on topic Monitor hashtags after the chat; questions and comments often come in later Follow up </li> <li> Recurring Chat - #NPINchat Series of monthly open chats on topics around HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STDs, and TB Opportunity for collaborationget partners involved as featured guests Facilitate linkages between partners </li> <li> Chat Blitz - #NHTDchat Series of 5 chats, in the week leading up to National HIV Testing Day 2011 Open chats with HIV leaders on topics: Social Media, Testing, Primary Care, NHTD, and Mental Health/ Substance Abuse 397 participants, increased followership of all accounts, and sustained collaborative relationships </li> <li> #NHTDchat </li> <li> #NHTDchat </li> <li> #NHTDchat </li> <li> Social Media Outcomeshigh-profile exposure of messages </li> <li> Social Media Outcomesbroaden followership and reach </li> <li> Other Outcomes Increases face-to-face communication and adds to conversations and partnership development and collaboration Creates visibility in online communities Drives traffic to your Web site </li> <li> Measuring Outcomes Participants Number of tweets Messages/retweets Unique questions Shared resources Potential reach New connections Web site visits </li> <li> AIDS 2012 Conference Social Media StatisticsTotal Stats (All Keyword Groupings) July 22 - July 27 Day Total Posts Unique Sources Retweets *Potential Twitter Reach Positve Negative Neutral 428,052,971 Total Stats (All Keyword Groupings) 54,792 15,511 28,147 428,052,971 0.06% 0.03% 99.91%Topic Trend </li> <li> Helpful Hints Keep tweets under 140 characters to allow room for commenting and re-tweets Test all your links before sending When appropriate, tweet pictures to increase engagement Include hashtags to help people follow the conversation (1-2 hashtags is ideal)* * </li> <li> Helpful Tools CDC Social Media Toolkit and Guide to Writing for Social Media new media tools (healthcare hashtag project)Free Tracking Hashtracking.comtracks twitter chats tweriod.comtracks best times for tweets based on your and your followers tweetsPurchased Tracking Radian 6 PeopleBrowsr Lithium </li> <li> Acknowledgements Cynthia Newcomer Danya International, CDC NPIN Sherese Bleechington Danya International, CDC NPIN F.E. Harrison CDC, NCHHSTP Erin Edgerton Danya International </li> <li> Melissa Also find CDCNPIN on </li> </ul>