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  • Traditional Wedding Music

  • Traditional Wedding Music Music is known as language of hearts, no matter what occasion music tends to relax our minds and thoughts and replete our lives. One of such life touching moments is marriage. Marriages bring us pleasure, joy and happiness. Music is a tool used for both bride and grooms family to express themselves at auspicious ceremony like marriage.

    Traditional Indian wedding

    India is an example of unity in diversity. It has different cultures and rich heritage. Indian wedding music varies according to different cultures but Page 2 of 8

  • Traditional Wedding Music mostly Bollywood dominates all wedding ceremonies. Like Hindu wedding ceremony last for five long days where many rituals are followed. Most rituals have their own traditional tale songs and hymns. Also folk music can be heard during these weddings.

    Indian wedding music

    Mainly there is sangeet ceremony where brides family and her female friends come together for celebration and fun. Here funny poke songs for groom and his family are sung and acted. Then there is mehndi ceremony where henna is applied to the bride in ...Page 3 of 8

  • Traditional Wedding Music beautiful and intricate designs on hands and legs and songs accompanied with dholak, the tradition musical instrument are performed. These songs are accompanied with dance items performed by her family and friends.

    Then there is wedding followed with baarat where family of groom dances in happy and festive mood on band played wedding songs with DJ mixes as the family reaches the venue. There are also arrangements of dance floors to celebrate this auspicious and joyful wedding ceremony. The lastly there is vidaai ceremony which marks the departure of bride to his in laws housePage 4 of 8

  • Traditional Wedding Music and final goodbyes are said, where sentimental music is included which marks and reflects the love of the bond of family and sadness of her going. Also some wedding songs are included which portraits the welcome and happiness of brides arrival and happiness.

    Wedding music

    In Indian weddings there are many songs and tunes included to suit every tone, mood and age and reflecting each diverse culture and expression. There are various types of music and bands included with instruments like table, Page 5 of 8

  • Traditional Wedding Music dhol, sitar, tumba, shehnai and dholak. This music includes both DJ mixes, contemporary and traditional music series.

    Wedding music list

    Also in wedding ceremonies Bollywood music list and songs are very popular, famous and liked by all. Songs are chosen in such a way that they relate and are relevant to the situation following. Also songs are chosen in a way they complement wedding theme.Wedding music list include foot tapping beats of songs that make the guests go on their feet. Music not only adds morePage 6 of 8

  • Traditional Wedding Music fun to festive mood and makes wedding function more joyful, lively and special. Musical background not only gives special sparkle to wedding ceremony but also adds a dash of auspiciousness. Also there are different music and songs for different occasions and mood. The songs that are included in these weddings are specifically dedicated to the bride, the groom and the guests arrived. The songs included are of light hearted nature and welcoming. Songs are also selected in such a way that it shows the love, fun and dance inspiring.Page 7 of 8

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