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French traditional wedding. A traditional French wedding is a celebration with varied customs, that are symbolic to the various aspects of the institution of marriage. THE DOWRY. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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French traditional wedding

A traditional French wedding is a celebration with varied customs, that are symbolic to the various aspects of the institution of marriage.

A dowry is an exchange of the goods which accompanies the ring in certain cultures. It can be the properties among which the woman or the husband are endowed by their families.THE DOWRY

The bridal trousseau originated in France, it was a collection of clothing and household linens stored in a hope chest or elaborately carved armoire. This armoire was destined to become a central piece of furniture in the household of the newlyweds. Some sources go further and suggest the concept of the trousseau contributed to the development of the bridal showers we hold today .The trousseau

The engagement ring In the Western world, there is a longstanding tradition of engagement rings being presented to women in order to propose marriage. If the woman accepts, she wears the rings throughout the engagement.

Falling to accept the ring means that the woman declines the proposal. The tradition of engagement rings dates back to the Classical era, when there was believed to be a vein running straight from what is now known as the left ring finger to the heart. The fourth finger of the left hand is still the traditional finger on which to wear the engagement ring.

The Wedding Dress

The traditional French wedding dress for the bride is an all-white bridal gown embellished with embroidery , beads, bows and laces, bridal jewelry, etc. The all-white wedding dress symbolizes the purity, innocence and joy of the bride.

The 4 Things The Bride Must Wear The wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony takes place at the church. The wife always stands on the left of her husband.

Leaving the church

Guests throw rice over the newlyweds as a symbol of fertility as they leave the church.

They wish the new couple many healthy children.The garterThis tradition originated in the Jewish society and is incorporated in traditional French weddings. The bride throws her garter (a narrow fabric band) at the guests and it is thought to bring good luck to whoever catches it.

The wedding cakeTraditionnal French food, French wine and the French wedding cake are the hightlights of a reception. The traditional French wedding cake is known as Croquembouchewhich means crunchng in ones mouth. It is made of cones of cream puffs which are filled with French pastry cream and coated with caramelized sugar. It is decorated with marzipan flowers and chocolate is drizzled all over.

Carrying the Bride across the Threshold

Originating in Rome, the bride used to have to be carried across the threshold because she was (or pretended to be ) reluctant to enter the bridal chamber. In those days, it was considered ladylike to be hesitant at this point or at least to look hesitant. Another legend has it that the bride was carried over the threshold to protect her from any evil spirits lingering there.

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